43 Cases of Electricity Theft Uncovered in Mumbra’s ‘Bagh-E-Khwaja’ Building; 8 Individuals Booked

43 Cases of Electricity Theft Uncovered in Mumbra's 'Bagh-E-Khwaja' Building; 8 Individuals Booked | Representative Image

Thane: In a raid conducted by the vigilance team of Torrent Power, 43 cases of electricity theft were uncovered in the 'Bagh-E-Khwaja' building, a six-story structure located in the Amrit Nagar area of Mumbra. A case of electricity theft has been registered against eight individuals at the Mumbra Police Station.

In all 43 residences within the building, electricity meters were registered under the names of only eight individuals.

Old building meters not returned to power company

An official from Torrent Power Company stated, "Previously, there was a building named 'Nayana Sadan' at this location, which had 20 electricity meters. Although the old building was later demolished, the meters were not returned to us. The new building, 'Bagh e Khawaja,' was constructed by developer Syed Shabi Ahmadwali, who applied for a new electricity meter under the name of Nayana Sadan. In reality, electricity theft was occurring by using the old meter and directly connecting it to Torrent Power's supply. The vigilance team discovered that stolen electricity was being provided to 43 residences, with the meters registered in the names of only eight individuals. In this case, a complaint of electricity theft has been filed at the Mumbra Police Station under sections 135, 138, and 150 of the Electricity Act 2003."

The official further emphasized, "During the raid, it was revealed that a total of Rs 15.93 lakh worth of electricity was stolen. We would like to warn consumers against electricity theft and meter tampering, as strict action will be taken against offenders under the Electricity Act."

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