5 arrested for $1 million illegal cryptocurrency transaction – Khmer Times

5 men have been arrested in Phnom Penh under suspicion of conducting an illegal $1 million cryptocurrency transaction

Under the guidance of the leadership of the General Commission of the National Police, under the direct command of Major General Sok Nithya, Director of the Department of Technology Crimes and coordinated by Mr. Seng Heang, Deputy Prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on August 29-30, 2023, Departmental forces launched a crackdown on the crime of receiving a total of about 1,300,000 US dollars

The suspects used the banking system in Cambodia to receive money and convert it by transferring money back through the electronic currency system (Cryptocurrency).

This was confirmed by the unit of the Police Department against Technology Crimes of the National Police on the afternoon of September 4, 2023.

The unit of the Anti-Technology Crime Police Department of the National Police Commissioner General said that this case was committed by a group of criminals with a network in and outside the country

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