Bahawalpur in ‘grave danger’ from Sutlej’s flow | The Express Tribune

Bahawalpur in ‘grave danger’ from Sutlej’s flow | The Express Tribune



The roaring floodwater of Sutlej River has entered Bahawalpur in Punjab as devastation on a massive scale is being feared in the district.

At present, a deluge of 143,000 cusecs of floodwater is passing at Islam Headworks and expected to strike Bahawalpur in the next 24 hours.

A raging torrent of 70,000 cusecs of floodwater is already gushing through under the Bahawalpur Empress Bridge at the time.

It has caused significant damage to standing crops spread over thousands of acres and several residents living along the river’s banks have been rendered homeless after their houses were washed away.

A major disaster is being feared when the floodwater at Islam Headworks reaches Bahawalpur as the district administration’s measures to avert the devastation are negligible.

It has taken no steps to strengthen the small protective dams.

Almost no arrangements have been made to house the people who will be displaced by the flood.
Many areas of Bahawalpur city are also under severe threat.

Public circles have demanded that the district administration should take immediate steps to secure the urban and rural areas of Bahawalpur.

In a related development, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) of Punjab has issued a statement that there was a high-level flood at Sutlej River’s Islam Headworks.

It quoted the PDMA spokesperson as saying that the water inflow at Islam Headworks was 136,861 cusecs and outflow stood at 135,761 cusecs.

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The spokesperson added that there was a moderate flood at Sulemanki Headworks and Ganda Singh Wala points of the river.

The statement quoted the PDMA spokesperson as saying that the water level in Indus River was increasing, causing a low-level flood at Tarbela, Kalabagh, and Chashma.

He continued that the water flow in Chenab, Ravi, and Jhelum rivers was normal.

According to the statement, PDMA Director General Imran Qureshi said the flow of water in all rivers, bridges, dams and canals in Punjab was being continuously monitored.

He added that the situation was being monitored from the PDMA control room.

He asked citizens to avoid bathing and recreational activities in urban rivers and canals.

However, in another statement issued later, the PDMA spokesperson said the water level at Sutlej River’s Ganda Singh Wala point was rising again and there was high-level flood there.

He added that the flow of water at Ganda Singh Wala had reached 122,000 cusecs and was continuing to increase.

The spokesperson feared that India might release more water into Sutlej River because of more rains.
He said the PDMA director general had instructed the administrations concerned to remain alert.

The PDMA director general has issued directives to ensure the implementation of Section 144 along the river banks.


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