Best New World Hatchet Build Guide (2023)

While most games in the MMORPG genre stick to the basic class formula, with the holy trinity of classes (Tank, DPS, Healer) playing an integral role in the gameplay loop, New World shakes things up by focusing on the weapons themselves. Instead of playing as a Paladin, you can use a spear or great sword to simulate the same tank-like experience. But one of the most exciting and unique weapons is the hatchet. It’s typically a starter weapon in most games, but in New World, it’s the star of the show! This guide will detail the best New World hatchet build!

How to Craft a New World Hatch Build

The hatchet in New World is a one-handed weapon that scales with Strength and Dexterity. It’s ideal for close quarters, especially when clearing hallways in dungeons, and benefits from a more in-your-face and aggressive playstyle. In other words, it’s the DPS of traditional MMORPGs.

But to excel with a hatch build in New World, you need a little foresight. You need to understand your weapon.

Strengths Weaknesses
Excellent PvE damage Not designed as a primary weapon
Skills such as Defy Death and Berserk excel at defensive playstyles Too simplified to keep everyone’s interests
Easy to learn and master Throwing damage is relatively weak
Excels at speed leveling Heavily relies on skills with long cooldown periods

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PvE Hatch Build

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While almost any build is viable in New World PvE, if you wish to focus your efforts and clear mobs or bosses quicker, then consider the following skills:

  • Berserk: When active, Berserk provides a 20% damage buff lasting 12 seconds. That buff will make quick work of any mob. Unfortunately, it also has a lengthy cooldown of 18 seconds, which does not activate until the damage buff ends.
  • Raging Torrent: Raging Torrent is a series of four quick attacks that deal 90% Weapon Damage to a single target per hit. It’s an excellent way to eat away at a boss’ health pool quickly but does have a cooldown of 15 seconds to contend with.
  • Rending Throw: While the hatchet does not excel at long-range damage, having the option to start a fight with a quick attack proves most effective when followed up quickly. Rending Throw can hit a single target, dealing Rend, which debuffs an enemy causing increased damage for the player.

PvP Hatchet Build

In PvP gameplay, a hatchet’s high mobility and damage output, when built appropriately, can turn the tide of battle in close-quarters arenas.

There are three primary skills to focus on:

  • Feral Rush: An excellent option to chase down retreating players or close the distance quickly to land the first strike against a target. Feral Rush causes the player to leap forward and land a high damage strike, and, with additional buffs, will slow the target.
  • Berserk: When it comes to crowd control, no other hatchet skill compares to Berserk. It offers healing, movement speed, and damage buffs.
  • Defy Death: When taking lethal damage, Defy Death triggers causing the player to become invulnerable for 0.5 seconds and restore 500 Health Points and +50% of base health.

Using skills like Defy Death will essentially cheese any PvP encounter, forcing an opponent to kill you twice. It’s a second chance to win for you.

Choosing the Right Equipment for a Hatchet Build

The joy of a hatchet build is in its multi-functionality. You can wear heavy armor and excel with a hatchet. Or, you can use light armor and still become a powerhouse in battle.

The key is to find the right weapon. You, obviously, want a hatchet. But focus on one that increases your attributes, especially Strength and Dexterity, and also boosts your abilities. For instance, the hatchet Mathias’s Gravedigger includes ‘Keen Berserker’, which provides a +21% critical chance while under 50% health and Berserk is active. It’s useful for turning the tide of battle quickly.

Now that you have a functional build, consider checking out more New World guides on Prima Games, like New World: Tips & Tricks to Prepare for the Upcoming Expansion!

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