British tourists warned as struggling Italian region forced to bring in rations

British tourists warned as struggling Italian region forced to bring in rations


An awesome italian islandHome to beautiful beaches, an active volcano and a surprising history, it is suffering from the worst drought it has experienced in almost 20 years.

More than 850,000 people in Sicily are seeing their water rationed after a persistent and severe lack of rainfall.

While artificial lakes are dry and farmers are struggling to irrigate their fields, Italy's national commissioner against water shortages, Nicola Dell'Acqua, expressed concern last week that the scorching heat that normally hits the island is at an end. around the corner.

He said: “I can't imagine what will happen this summer.”

The local government of the Sicily region has so far declared a state of emergency that will last until the end of the year in six provinces.

The area affected by rationing includes the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Enna, Messina, Palermo and Trapani, where some of the most beautiful beaches on the island are located, such as Scala dei Turchi, Scopello and Isola Bella.

In the coming months, people living in more than 90 towns and cities in these six provinces will experience water rationing to varying degrees: between 10 and 45 percent.

Siciliacque, the company that manages much of the island's water network, said: “The decision, taken in agreement with the regional authorities, comes after the serious drought that Sicily is suffering and wants to reconcile the people's need for water with the need to safeguard the reservoirs.”

While the drought alert has peaked this year, Sicily has experienced below-average rainfall for four consecutive years, between 2019 and 2023.

The second half of 2023 was the driest in more than 100 years, and Italy's National Irrigation Recovery Association believes Sicily has experienced eight months of “almost total aridity.”

Above-average temperatures, along with leaks in irrigation facilities, have only worsened an already serious situation.

At the beginning of February, the president of Sicily, Renato Schifani, stated: “Sicily is the only region in Italy and one of the few in Europe in a red zone due to the scarcity of water resources. Morocco and Algeria are in the same situation”.

Sicily is not the only holiday destination affected by an extreme lack of rain, with Some areas of Spain are also affected by a serious drought..


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