Bullish Pushd presale sees interest from SHIB, BTC traders

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Amid a bullish crypto market with notable increases in Bitcoin and altcoins like Shiba Inu, the Pushd (PUSHD) pre-sale is attracting the attention of experienced investors, offering tokens at $0.125 in its sixth leg. This interest from the crypto community underscores Pushd's potential as an emerging Web3 platform.

The cryptocurrency market has been bullish over the past few months, with Bitcoin (BTC) hitting all-time highs and multiple altcoins, including memecoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB), recording massive growth. Experts have shared an outlook that projects that 2024 could end up as one of the most bullish years for cryptocurrencies.

As the market rises with volatility, early investors like Shiba Inu (SHIB) are exploring the potential of the upcoming Web3 platform, Pushd (PUSHD). pushed The tokens are sold at $0.125 in stage 6 of its pre-sale with the presence of Shiba Inu and Bitcoin holders joining the platform.

Shiba Inu Investors Make Huge Profits

Shiba Inu is now up more than 65% and its trading volume, which was previously in decline, has increased by 7%. Over the week, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is up over 28% and up over 270% for the month. Although Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been consolidating after the surge, investors continue to buy the token.

On-chain activity shows that Shiba Inu trading volume has increased since the beginning of the month. Experts believe that the recent need for rapid advancements is driving the rise of the Shiba Inu.

Bitcoin's rise does not slow down

Bitcoin (BTC) has always had a strength in the overall market and most of the surges that Bitcoin (BTC) has had in recent weeks have demonstrated its dominance.

The halving event is less than two months away and as it gets closer, Bitcoin (BTC) will offer more bullish performance. Bitcoin (BTC) recently surpassed $73,000 thanks to bullish momentum that had so far refused to die down. The Bitcoin (BTC) halving will split miner rewards in half, leading to a bullish surge in altcoins.

Pushd experiences massive pre-sales support

Pushd recently entered the market with the potential to compete with giant online marketplaces like Amazon. The platform features a decentralized model where users can carry out business transactions without fear of their personal information coming to light.

Buyers can buy from sellers and vice versa without having to submit KYC, which is one of the restrictions of today's online marketplaces. Pushd has gained Shiba Inu fans and Bitcoin holders by offering this solution.

Pushd supports the use of multiple cryptocurrencies to execute transactions and users who do not have the necessary tokens can quickly exchange them on the platform without any commission. To ensure user engagement, Pushd introduced a rewards program where users are rewarded for completing tasks and the higher their ranking, the greater their benefits.

The token is currently I sell for $0.125. Early investors who entered during the first stage of the event reportedly increased by more than 160%. According to Pushd, pre-sale investors will receive more profits from the platform's income pool.

To learn more about Pushd pre-sale, visit Pushd website.

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