Burna Boy finally speaks on allegations of attempting to woo a man’s wife at Obi Cubana’s Club

  • Afrobeat star Burna Boy has boldly taken the bull by the horns, confronting head-on the swirling whispers that enshroud his alleged link to the electrifying shooting incident that rocked the revered Obi Cubana’s Club, which happened exactly one year ago.
  • He addressed the issue in his latest body of work, a Sonic album titled “I Told Them, where he insinuated that despite consistently bringing honor to his country, Nigerians fail to recognize his efforts as much as they should.

Sending shockwaves through the online realm, Burna Boy, the illustrious Grammy award conqueror, has set tongues wagging with a tantalizing snippet from his imminent album.

In this electrifying preview, he fearlessly navigates through a labyrinth of scandals that have fiercely shaken both his personal world and his family, shining a piercing spotlight on the viral Cubana Club shooting saga among others.

In 2022, Burna Boy found himself under the media microscope. Reports from WITHIN NIGERIA highlighted an eyebrow-raising incident where he was supposedly linked to a shooting at Billionaire Obi Cubana’s club.

In snippet from a track on the album titled Thanks, featuring American rapper J. Cole , Burna criticized Nigerians for suggesting that the situation where his police escorts reportedly fired at a club attendee, Steph Briella, her partner, and best friend at Cubana’s Club in Victoria Island, Lagos, was driven by his intention to take the married woman away from her husband.

The ‘Last Last’ crooner also tackled the swirling rumors surrounding his mother’s alleged role as one of the dancers for the legendary Afrobeat trailblazer, Fela Kuti.

He also set the record straight by asserting that, in contrast to the majority of his peers, he isn’t entangled in the web of having a baby mama.

Burna added that Nigerians have refused to appreciate him despite making the country proud and elevating it to the international stage.

Some lyrics from the song read:

Is this the motherfucking thanks I get for making my people proud, every chance I get?

“It’s okay, I get. This Naija no love.

“They say my mama dance for Fela.

“They say I no get baby mama.

“They say I shoot person for Cubana because I want collect person woman…

“Is this the m***ing thanks I get? For making my people proud, every chance I get.”



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