Buzzy Startup Just Dumps AI Model That Beats GPT-3.5 Into a Torrent Link

Arthur Mensch, co-founder and CEO of Mistral AI.

Arthur Mensch, co-founder and CEO of Mistral AI.

While most AI companies are unveiling their latest algorithms with press tours and blog posts, others seem content to launch their latest products into the digital ether like a pirate ship shedding dead weight. One company that fits into this last category is Mistral, a French AI startup that released its latest large language model, without explanation, in a nondescript format. Torrent link published in X weekend.

Mistral, which recently raised 415 million dollars in a series A financing round and is now My dear worth $2 billion, he has impressed people with his fast, efficient LLMs and his fun, carefree hacker attitude. The company's decision to drop His latest show inspired memes and praise for X, with a commentator noting: "No blog, no sizzle, no description; just a torrent of model files... Mistral understands that its primary audience is engineers and knows their cultural erogenous zones."

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