Christian Wilkins hits back at ARIAs trolls: ‘Sorry I looked hot’

Christian Wilkins has hit back at online trolls who sent him vile death threats over his daring ARIA Awards red carpet look.

Wilkins, known for his bold fashion statements, shared an unpublishable Instagram DM he had received with his followers, asserting his right to fashion freedom and self-expression.

“Aren't there bigger problems in the world than me wearing a dress? "Sorry, I looked hot," he captioned a screenshot of the disgusting homophobic abuse sent to him, which we have censored.

Wilkins, 28, faced a torrent of criticism for her daring clothing choice: a full-length sheer mesh dress.

The ensemble, although celebrated by many for defying gender norms, provoked a harsh reaction from some viewers and social media users.

The situation escalated when a troll even wished the star a fatal illness, calling him a "damn monster," among other unprintable insults.

Wilkins addressed online abuse head-on.

"Okay, say you didn't like my dress, I don't care," she wrote on Instagram.

“I probably won't like the combination of short chinos and short-sleeved shirt you wear,” he continued.

"But comments like this towards me or anyone else on my page are wildly irrational, inappropriate and I will not tolerate it on my page."

Wilkins expressed amusement at how upset people are about her fashion choices, but also acknowledged a sadder aspect: the impact such hate can have on younger LGBTQI+ people who lack a strong support network.

“I find it funny that people get so angry. “I like pretty things and when I see pretty clothes, I want to wear them,” she said.

Through her fashion, Wilkins aims to inspire and encourage others to embrace their true selves.

“I hope that dressing like me can encourage others to be themselves too,” she said.

Despite the negativity, Wilkins has received a wave of support from fans and admirers, praising her confidence and unique style.

His parents, including his father, an entertainment reporter. Richard WilkinsThey are credited with instilling in him the confidence to be who he is.

““I love your self-confidence and your confidence in being yourself. Your parents have certainly blessed you,” one fan wrote, while another commented: “Absolutely beautiful…Christian, you sure are a beautiful fashion icon!”

In addition to her ARIAS red carpet outfit, Wilkins made a statement with her after party lookrevealing an equally daring 'barely visible' outfit on Instagram.

The centerpiece of her ensemble was Michael Losord's Stardust Crystal Bralette, which retails for $690.

Paired with Dion Lee hip-length pants and a tennis necklace, the look was accented with the same sleek ponytail she wore on the ARIA Awards red carpet.'s Mary Madigan wrote about “overwhelming and disturbing” reaction from some sections of the public yesterday, saying: “There is still a price men are paying for opposing traditional masculinity and Christian is forced to pay it.”

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