Crypto Exchange Introduces Kraken Institutional

By Tim Ogilvie, Global Head of Institutional at Kraken

Kraken is officially launching Kraken Institutional, a comprehensive crypto solution that offers institutions everything they need to participate in the digital asset class.

In cryptography, there is no substitute for experience. Institutions need a dedicated and experienced partner – one that is innovative and flexible enough to deliver solutions that adapt to the growing needs of institutions as they adopt, manage and scale their crypto practices.

That's where Kraken Institutional comes into play. Formed by one of the most experienced cryptocurrency teams in the world, Kraken Institutional is a new brand that brings together existing Kraken products and services designed specifically for institutions to trade, stake, and custody cryptocurrencies.*

Expert Crypto Solutions for Institutions

Kraken has a reputation, built up over more than 10 years, as a secure and trusted exchange partner. Those who already work with us know how we are motivated to deliver the best experience through our commercial execution, a wide range of technical integrations, debt solutions or through the deep experience and commitment to ensuring our clients can trade at high speed. .

Kraken has a history of crypto innovation. We created one of the most comprehensive OTC offerings and best betting solutions* available in the industry today. In fact, Kraken is the market leader when it comes to latency and quality in our market. Kraken Institutional deepens that commitment, providing a one-stop shop for institutions that need reliable, scalable, and easy-to-integrate crypto solutions.

Looking to the future

Kraken Institutional is set for an exciting 2024. Backed by an experienced team, we will offer an exciting set of products this year, including a qualified custody solution** launching later this year.

Source: Kraken

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