Crypto Market Analysis: What’s In Store For Bitcoin and Altcoins in September

Bitcoin (BTC) recently dipped below the crucial $26,000 mark after struggling to breach the significant $30,000 resistance level. Notable analyst Michael Van De Poppe addressed this downturn in a recent YouTube video, attributing it to developments related to ETFs. This sudden correction has heightened market volatility, leading traders and investors to speculate on the crypto market’s future trajectory.

Analyzing Bitcoin’s chart, Van De Poppe points out a notable obstacle at the 200-week Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The price movement of Bitcoin hints at a potential phase of consolidation, resembling patterns observed in previous pre-bull market periods. The pivotal question is the direction of Bitcoin’s price action, with a potential dip to $25,000 looming on the horizon.

The analyst also highlights the resilience of altcoins against Bitcoin, noting that they are displaying signs of strength. He believes that altcoins may follow historical patterns, often gaining momentum around September or October, potentially sidestepping significant declines during these months.

Regarding concerns of altcoins plummeting by another 80 percent, Van De Poppe dismisses this notion, asserting that the crypto market is at the latter stages of its cycle. He acknowledges the possibility of a mild recession but draws parallels to 2015 and 2016 when similar concerns arose but were ultimately averted. He reassures that even in the event of a slight economic downturn, the overall outlook remains favorable.

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