Cryptocurrency: 3 Coins To Buy Under $5 For Top Profits

Cryptocurrency bull cycles are considered exciting times. The cryptocurrency industry is currently seeing an influx of both traditional and modern traders thanks to the inclusion of Bitcoin ETFs.

Due to the increase in users, a multitude of credible cryptocurrencies have emerged, encouraging investors to optimize their profits. Here are our top 3 cryptocurrency recommendations under $5 that can help rejuvenate investors' crypto wallet returns to new levels.

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Top Three Cryptocurrencies Under $5 to Secure Profits

#1 Cryptocurrency: XRP

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The commotion between the SEC and Ripple is the longest legal conflict to ever take place in crypto history. Briefings, presentations and two years of debate have only solidified XRP posture for the future.

Despite being embroiled in several controversies, XRP has managed to emerge as one of the strongest contenders in the crypto space. With Ripple forging new partnerships with major giants and market players, XRP's strong use cases are enough to sustain the crypto for a long time.

XRP has been leading the crypto space lately, up 21% in the last 30 days. The crypto has also seen a 6% rise in the last seven days, causing the value to stabilize at $0.6226. With a number of bullish use cases, XRP can give investors a fair share of profits in the near future.

2. polygon

Polygon (MATIC) Weekend Price PredictionPolygon (MATIC) Weekend Price Prediction
Source: El Diario Hodl

Known for its robust blockchain and network procedures, Polygon is another promising crypto striving to lead the space.

Polygon's trusted infrastructure allows developers to select "optimistic rollup chains, ZK rollup chains, independent chains, or any other type of infrastructure required by the developer."

Matic is Polygon's native token and manages its ecosystem procedures with the utmost care. Polygon is called “up and coming” as it aims to demystify blockchain anomalies. The network strives to improve scalability and interoperability issues, keeping the MATIC token at the center of it all.

Furthermore, the token, which is currently up 2% in the last 24 hours, projects a stable price trajectory. Matic has seen a rebound of 14% and 37% in the last seven and thirty days. Matic can also prove to be a safe option for users considering its stable and positive direction and price rise.

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3. Dogecoin

Source – Indian Express

Memecoins have recently gained significant momentum in the market due to their strong community aspects and sentiments. Dogecoin Launched as a Doge-inspired meme coin, it has now amassed a market capitalization of $23,757,152,595, driven solely by strong community sentiment.

Personally backed by Tesla supreme Elon Musk, Doge is now on an upward wave in the cryptocurrency market, seeing a 9% increase in its price.

The meme coin has seen a staggering 39% increase in price over the past seven days. With a staggering 107% increase in its valuation in the last 30 days, Dogecoin now stands at $0.166.

If the current bull market favors it, Doge can reach new highs, rewarding its holders with stellar gains.

However, cryptocurrency market volatility is a widely known phenomenon. Some projections may not pan out as anticipated by analysts and forecasters. User discretion and awareness should prevail before engaging in any commercial transaction.

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