Cryptocurrency: 3 Coins Trading in Cents Set To Reach $1

The cryptocurrency market is recovering after Bitcoin hit a new high of $72,000 on Tuesday. BTC heads north every day, printing new highs on the charts, leading investors to make stellar gains. Bitcoin's rise has also boosted the broader cryptocurrency market, as major altcoins have hit new monthly highs. Several altcoins and memes have doubled their price in the last 30 days, while some have even seen 500% gains.

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Considering that the cryptocurrency market is capable of delivering massive returns now, we will highlight the top 3 altcoins that are currently trading in pennies and could soon hit the $1 mark.

Cryptocurrency: these 3 currencies that are traded in cents could reach the dollar

  1. Ripple (XRP)
Ripple Eyes Break of 6.5-Year Downtrend: Can XRP Reach $1?
Source: Observer Guru

Ripple's native token, XRP, is currently trading around $0.69 on Tuesday and has remained in the green for over a week. The cryptocurrency is approaching $1 as bulls are investing heavily in the altcoin. Another advance in the coming days could push XRP towards $0.80 and subsequently reach a high of $0.90. If XRP attracts bullish sentiments without facing selling pressure, it could eventually reach $1.

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  1. Cardano (ADA)
Cardano ADA
Source – R7

Cardano's native token ADA is hovering around the $0.76 mark currently on the charts. The cryptocurrency is attracting strong bullish sentiments as it is up almost 36% in the last 30 days. The bulls are pushing Cardano ADA towards the $0.80 price range, which could attract a new round of investors to the token. If ADA manages to attract new investors, going from $0.80 to $1 could be easier.

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  1. Decentralized (MANA)
decentralized cryptocurrency and manadecentralized cryptocurrency and mana
Source: Twitter

Decentraland's native cryptocurrency MANA is currently trading at $0.67 $0.76 and is up nearly 65% ​​in 30 days. MANA leads the metaverse altcoin segment and offers good returns to investors this year. The token has come out of its depression phase and is now looking to target the $1 mark. The cryptocurrency has more chances to rise in price as bitcoin and Ethereum remain strong in the indices.

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