Cryptocurrency Investors Monitor Solana and Cardano's Price Correction, Eye Bitgert Coin's Potential

Cryptocurrency Investors Monitor Solana and Cardano's Price Correction, Eye Bitgert Coin's Potential


It's that time of the financial year again when the spotlight is squarely on the cryptocurrency market. That's where the tea is, and cryptocurrency investors are aware of the situation. While popular cryptocurrencies like Solana and Cardano struggle to maintain positive price momentum amid periods of price correction, Solana, Cardano and other cryptocurrency investors are now eyeing the explosive potential of the Bitgert coin.

But does Bitgert have everything it takes to meet these expectations? Read on for answers.


Bitgert has been the perfect alternative to Cardano, Solana and other crypto giants; This cryptocurrency is preparing to revolutionize the market. While tokens like Solana have no supply limit, Bitgert caps its supply at 1000 trillion BRISE.

Furthermore, BRISE is a deflationary token, an advantage it has over other cryptocurrencies on the market. Unlike Solana, each BRISE transaction will burn 12% of the tokens, permanently removing them from circulation and creating scarcity and value for the crypto. According to recent reports, 2 billion BRISE have been burned as a testament to Bitgert's commitment to his tokenomics.

Meanwhile, Bitgert's recent price performance outperforms major projects like Solana and Cardano. These moves are testimony that the crypto has more substantial upside potential and is primed for a bull run in the coming months. Solana and Cardano investors are especially confident that BRISE's position will pose a significant threat and will be the most promising alternative to Cardano and Solana in the future.


It has been a rough patch for Cardano and Cardano traders recently as the cryptocurrencies battle bearish waves. Once again, Cardano (ADA) price fell to $0.56 on Wednesday, indicating a drop of almost 30% from Cardano's year-to-date high of $0.8104. This latest Cardano drop comes after a price correction and massive liquidations in Bitcoin that saw the crypto giant's price fall to $62,000.

Due to this latest drop, Cardano holders recorded huge volumes of losses, according to on-chain data. As analysts predict, Cardano holders expected to continue dumping their Cardano (ADA) holdings suggests the token could see further declines due to the selling frenzy.


Solana price currently stands at $169.26, indicating a 9.6% drop in value. Furthermore, the latest trading volume of $4.7 billion in the last 24 hours shows another drop of 35.41%. This bearish trend is a sign that Solana is not enjoying investor engagement like it used to. Additionally, Solana investors have also reduced their liquidity levels.

From falling prices to falling Solana's overall market value, there could be trouble in Solana's paradise. Despite a market capitalization of $75.65 billion, Solana investors now have their eyes on Bitgert, citing its poise to achieve incredible profit levels in the coming months.

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