Did FromSoftware Troll Pirates With ‘1000 IQ’ Elden Ring Move?

Elden Ring The community can be creative, speculative and fun. In a recent post made by a user, it seems like all of these traits combined to come up with a particular theory that seems smarter the more you think about it.

Hoping it sounds fun and deep, the user commented that the name Torrent (The Faithful Companion) is an intentional play by FromSoftware to make it difficult for users to pirate it. This may seem a little crazy, but it might make sense considering how Google throws a bunch of theories at you the moment you associate Torrent with Elden Ring.

Torrent may have a purpose beyond the dimensions of Elden Ring

Torrent may have helped keep hackers at bay.
Torrent may have helped keep hackers at bay.

If the user is right, Torrent has been here to make sure FromSoftware sells an original copy of Elden Ring instead of hacking it easily. Anyway, that's every developer's dream. According to Redditor ozzbozz123, it seems that FromSoftware was careful to name the horse Torrent simply so that whenever you search 'Torrent Elden Ring' online, it would show posts about the history of the game.

Intelligent? It seems so, considering how the community has been responding to this simple mail. With over 32,000 upvotes and nearly 250 comments, the subreddit showcases the sense of humor that peaks when fans don't have much to do but wait. The shadow of the Erdtree arrive. Seriously, when was the last time someone was this curious about Torrent?

On the other hand, some comments have suggested that no matter what the name is, dedicated pirates will find a way to download the game for free. As painful as it may seem, it is true. Regardless of that, the game has sold millions of copies and this number will likely continue to increase when the DLC comes out.

Torrent has a fascinating history within the game

Our faithful companion has an interesting story that we could explore further in the future.Our faithful companion has an interesting story that we could explore further in the future.
Our faithful companion has an interesting story that we could explore further in the future.

Those of you who are curious about the story may already know the importance of Torrent in the game. The adorable companion begins accompanying players at the beginning of the game, initially commanded by Melina. It's a spectral seed, meaning players can summon it whenever they want to traverse The Lands Between at a faster pace.

Did you know that Torrent has a particular taste for Sweet, Rowa and Frozen Raisins? If you give him any of these, his HP increases. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his previous master/lover. There is some association with Ranni the Witch, as she mentioned Spirit Calling Bell's relationship with Torrent's previous master. However, officially we don't know anything else.

There is a chance that players can explore the history of Torrent in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, or maybe even take a fresher look at different companions. Who knows? Maybe we can ride some of them too.

In any case, there is no information about Torrent being linked to FromSoftware's actions against piracy. The theory may seem exceptionally accurate, but it does not convey any evidence for the same. What do you think about Torrent's name, origin, and association with piracy? Let us know in the comments.

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