Dietitian offers advice for healthy snacking on Superbowl Sunday

The Big Game is coming, and whether you're gathering with friends and family who are hardcore sports fans or just hoping to see Taylor Swift in the stands, you might feel the need to strategize about what they'll be able to watch. those who gather in front of your television. chew.

Kristen Changregistered dietitian with Virginia Tech's Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise, has tips for every stage of preparing your snack.

"On special occasions, many people fall into the trap of eating lightly early in the day and 'saving their calories' for a big event," Chang said. "To prepare for eating success on Superbowl Sunday, consider the following general eating tips."

Chang offers the following tips to prepare for game day snacks.

  • Eat a quality breakfast, lunch, and snack the day before the game; do not try to "save" calories; This will only set you up for overeating at night.
  • Try doing some gentle movements and exercises.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Tips for snacking during the game:

  • Evaluate all your options before preparing your dish.
  • Use a smaller plate. Place your food on the plate and take a break between refills. Monitor your hunger and satiety signals to avoid overeating.
  • Try to combine a source of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Look for sources of nutrients and color.
  • Drink smart. Limit sugary drinks: The body does not record these calories the same way it does with food. If you drink alcohol, be sure to include some food to go with it and have a plan for a safe trip home.
  • If you're joining a party and are worried there aren't healthier options available, bring your own.
  • Do not stress. Remember that it's just one day and if you feel like you overdid it at the end of the night, take note without judgment and move on.
  • Focus on spending time and making memories with friends, but also remember, if you are drinking alcohol, to have a plan ahead of time to get home safely.

Chang offers the following healthy snack ideas for you to try:

  • Black Bean and Corn Sauce: Increase the nutritional density of traditional tomato sauce by making your own with black beans, corn, onions and fresh herbs and lemon juice; These ingredients add quality sources of protein, fiber, and vegetables. Pair it with whole grain tortilla chips or pita chips for even more fiber.
  • Creamy Avocado Dip: This dip is a version of guacamole that includes plain Greek yogurt for an extra protein kick. Pair it with whole grain tortilla chips or pita chips for a quality source of fiber.
  • Sweet Potato Chips: If you've never made sweet potato chips, now is a good time to try it. With just three ingredients (sweet potatoes, olive oil, and salt), these chips are easy to prepare, rich in fiber, and a quality source of vitamin A.
  • Hummus with Vegetables and Pita Chips: Any store-bought hummus will work, but if you want to make your own, you can try two simple recipes: traditional chickpea hummus or garlic and white bean hummus. Pair it with your favorite veggie snacks or whole grain pita chips.
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites: If you're looking for a vegetarian alternative to traditional buffalo chicken wings, try buffalo cauliflower bites. Combines well with blue cheese or ranch sauces. This would also be a fun addition to any veggie crudité tray.
  • 7-layer Mediterranean sauce: Take your hummus game up a notch with a Mediterranean-inspired dip that combines cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, plain Greek yogurt, olives, goat cheese, lemon, and parsley. It is best paired with whole grain pita chips.
  • Greek Yogurt and Fruit Tray: Pair plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with a variety of fresh fruits. Go a step further and offer fun toppings like whole grain granola, mixed nuts, and coconut for a make-your-own-parfait experience.
  • Nori popcorn: Popcorn itself is a great lighter snack option, just be sure to avoid the thick addition of butter. If you're looking for a fun twist with added nutrients, try nori popcorn.
  • Oven Roasted Chickpeas: Satisfy your salt cravings with an extra boost of protein and fiber. They are quick to prepare and a great snack option beyond the game.
  • Flatbread pizza: Top whole wheat flatbread with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of vegetables for a tasty alternative to traditional takeout pizza.
  • Loaded Nachos: Think traditional nachos with a healthy, nutrient-rich twist. This nachos recipe includes quality protein and fiber in the form of turkey or ground beef, black beans, cheese, and vegetables.

About Chang
Kristen Chang
is he deputy director of the Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Program in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise at Virginia Tech. A specialist in nutritional counseling for behavior change and sports nutrition, she is a registered dietitian and triathlete. Read more here.

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