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You can save money and waste this Christmas by following six simple steps and recycling as much as possible.

Our county currently recycles 54 percent of household waste; however, recyclable material is still discarded.

Research has found that up to 41 per cent of black bin waste could have been recycled in household recycling collections.

The largest component of this recyclable waste was food waste (27 per cent), which can be recycled in most parts of Devon through household food waste collection.

Of this food waste, 79 percent was found to be avoidable, and 35 percent of all discarded food was still in its original packaging.

As the cost of living continues with food prices 25.6 per centent higher than the same period two years ago (comparing July 2023 to July 2021), reducing the amount of food we throw away can help reduce grocery bills.

Recycle Devon will share tips to save food and money before Christmas on Facebook, instagram and Twitter.

How your freezer could save you £250

Research by Which? shows that during the festive period the foods that people most frequently overbuy are cheese, biscuits, chocolate, alcohol and vegetables.

If this sounds familiar, a little planning is key to ensure you avoid falling into the same trap.

This Ultimate Guide to Christmas Meal Planning will give you many tips to enjoy a feast without overdoing it.

  • Holiday Portion Planner – If you find that you often cook too much and end up throwing away food, use a portion planner so that you only buy and cook what you need.
  • Share Shopping/Food: Encourage your guests to bring a plate and share leftovers after the celebration. It will help keep costs down and ensure you're not left with mountains of food.

To find out what you can recycle over the festive period, visit 'What can be recycled at Christmas'.

Residents can recycle various materials throughout the year using the household recycling collection service. Research found that easily recyclable material is still being thrown away, rather than recycled.

Recycling doesn't have to be confusing. Here are some top tips for recycling in Devon:

  • Remember to recycle these items: bathroom plastics such as shampoo and shower bottles, cleaning spray bottles (with sprayer attached), cardboard rolls and aerosols.
  • Check with your local council for complete information list of items you can recycle in your home recycling collection
  • Use your local household waste recycling center – you can recycle household appliances, electrical devices, batteries, Tetra-pak packaging, textiles, glass and much more.

To find out what can be recycled in your area, visit

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