Elden Ring Theory Reveals Torrent is The Greater Will, Melina Fooled us All

The amount of speculation and fan theories they come up with Elden Ring It's just amazing. Almost every character in this game has been given an interesting backstory thanks to those numerous fans. And it's not that they come out of nowhere; Often these fan theories have a very logical context behind them.

And it also makes sense; FromSoftware has decided to keep the story of Elden Ring quite vague. This means that players would always have to speculate a detail or two when it comes to uncovering these stories. That's why today fans have more than one theory about each of these characters, and almost all of them seem logical. One of those theories about Torrent has emerged lately, and it is as crazy as it seems.

The last Elden Ring Fan theory suggests that Torrent is a greater will.

Torrent is still shown in action on Elden Ring

The story of Elden Ring It's pretty simple: a character enters a new world and is guided by a pair of mysterious entities to fight the dominant powers that rule there. They are then asked to eradicate the most powerful thing that has an impact there and govern it themselves. It remains simple when players realize that this game doesn't like to tell the entire story in its entirety.

To delve into more minute details and find out what's really going on under the cover, fans should talk to everyone and read every product description. If players decide to complete those vague side quests, things will get even better. Those side quests also end up revealing some crucial parts of these stories. Otherwise, some of the very important and significant characters of Elden Ring end up staying out of sight.

Two of those characters are Greater Will and the player's horse, Torrent. Yes, although Torrent is always with the player during the course of the game, players hardly know much about him. He just appears, double-jumps like a bad guy, and then disappears once he's served his purpose.

The Greater Will is the only entity that is never seen in the entire game. But one thing that has become clear is that it was the greater will that started this game of Elden Ring, Erdtree, etc. He is basically the one who rules them all; Even Queen Marika was placed on that throne as ruler of the Middle Lands by the Greater Will.

But where is the greatest will? Fans see Marika, they see Radahn, and they even see the Beast of Elden, but where is the Great Will? Once all is said and done, he is nowhere to be seen during the game. The players only find out about it; He must be somewhere, observing everything that happens in this world.

Torrent is still shown in action on Elden Ring

Well, a very interesting theory from Redditor. War Dog_E suggests that perhaps Torrent is the Greater Will. They compare the story of this game with a manga called Magic Knight Rayearth and suggests that Greater Will follows the player character as Torrent in the same way that the god in that manga follows the main character as his companion.

Perhaps the Greater Will is watching how the player character does things to start this cycle again, but coinciding with the player's decisions? And maybe Melina is involved in this test? This theory debunks most of what people have suggested before. But only the developers or the next DLC The shadow of the Erdtree I would know if it was true or not.

But there are a lot of things that contradict this theory.

A frame of Elden Ring showing dung eater

While this theory of Torrent being the Greater Will sounds interesting, there are probably many things that contradict this theory as well. If Greater Will is Torrent, why does he allow Ranni to do what she wants? Players continually undertake a search for her to help her escape the clutches of Greater Will.

On the other hand, if Greater Will were ever Torrent, it would allow players to do everything, but it wouldn't allow them to stay on the Dung Eater's side. He is seen as a vile creature seeking revenge; he does everything that is ungodly to people, even when they are dead, simply out of pure hatred. The greater will could have tried to prevent that from happening. Still, these are some little things that can have simple answers; perhaps these will be clarified in a sequel if they are ever published.

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