Elden Ring: Who And What Is Torrent?

Elden Ring: Who And What Is Torrent?


Open world gameplay is nothing new to gaming, and neither are the mounts that make traversing those worlds more manageable. ancient ring manages to make both feel fresh, offering a world that offers a different kind of freedom to explore, and Torrent is a mount that embodies that freedom while adding a new layer to combat.

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but what exactly is Torrent? There is no other mount in the game like them, and though they never speak, they seem to have a mind of their own. Like most things in Elden Ring, Torrent is shrouded in mystery that requires a bit of research to understand. Even then, Torrent is still somewhat elusive.

Mounts as they exist in the midlands

Elden Ring figging on mounts

When you start Elden Ring, you are free to explore the world, if only on your own two feet. Torrent is only given to you after resting as a specific Grace Site and talking to Melina, who hands you the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon them. Torrent, beautiful and obedient as they are, they appear dramatically different from other mounts in the world.


In The Lands Between, you will come across many mounted enemies, from the Nox warrior women atop their giant ants to the mercenaries riding the plains on their warhorses. These mounts are still rare, but none match torrent in appearance. The ants appear mostly underground, accompanied by Nox females or alone. In the wild, horses are ridden by mercenaries or the Night Cavalry, but they still look like normal horsesalbeit in a tunic

Meanwhile, Torrent’s hair is long and wild, and most of all they have curly horns located on top of their headsa characteristic that few share in the world of Elden Ring, aside from the Fell Omen or the ancestral followers. This is the only aspect that would link Torrent to either party, but there is no other in-game evidence of a torrent-like creature existing in the Middle Lands.

How Ranni, Miquella and Melina connect to Torrent

Ranni, Miquella and Melina side by side

All the characters in Elden Ring are quite enigmatic, although Ranni, Miquella and Melina rank themselves as some of the most mysterious. Melina is a constant companion, playing the role of Maiden to your Tarnished, but she is never acknowledged by other characters and is never given a strict relationship with them either. Ranni exists at the opposite extreme, tied very directly to the events of the game, but keeps details of herself close to her chest. Miquella, meanwhile, is only seen briefly when Mohg takes her, with no chance to speak for himself.

However, the only thing that unites them all is Torrent. Melina bequeaths you the Spectral Steed Whistle with which to summon Torrent, but she makes no further mention of Torrent’s origins, only that she has chosen you. Meanwhile, Ranni, under the name of Renna, first appears to you only after learning that Torrent is in your service. claiming to know his previous teacher and offers you a gift from that same teacher, without ever saying his name.

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So Where is Miquella? fit into this? Although Shadow of the Erdtree art shows a character who seems to match the description of Miquella riding Torrentthe game itself has an additional connection between the pair. Empyreans have been known to have a shadow, a bestial creature that protects them. Marika has one in the form of Maliketh, locked away in Farum Azula, while Ranni is protected by Blaidd. Although we never see the shadows of Miquella or Malenia, in Farum Azula there is a statue representing a young man surrounded by a pair of three wolves. Ranni bestows the Lone Wolf Ashes, which summon three wolves, to the player upon learning they have Torrent. Although it is by no means a confirmation that Torrent belonged to Miquella, or indeed why Ranni and Miquella would have been in contact, it’s too strong a connection to simply ignore.

It is also remarkable how we are never told how Torrent happened to Melina, either by choice or by chance. However, Melina and Ranni, the only two characters who make direct reference to Torrent, share striking similarities in appearance. Nothing conclusive, but a possible reason the two are connected via torrent.

Torrent Choosing the tarnished

screenshot of player using torrent to jump over gap with sunset in background in Elden Ring

From the moment Melina gives you a torrent, it is a constant companion. No matter what choice you make, whether they or you should fall in combat, Torrent is eternally at your service. In fact, this is not by contract but by choice. When Melina grants you the Spectral Steed Whistle, it is not of her own free will. she claims that Torrent chose you, and you in particular from a sea of ​​others. In fact, she goes so far as to say that Torrent has always known that you are appropriate, while Melina still had her doubts.

It would seem Torrent would follow the Tarnished to death., seeing his choice as the best. We never hear Torrent’s thoughts, or the beliefs of his previous master, so we have no way of knowing what they’re after. Even if Miquella was supposed to be his previous master, they sought to remove the influence of the outer gods, but Torrent is clearly willing to follow you to support them. As such, he implies Torrent really has its own goals. or just deeply trust yours.

Theories about the origins of Torrent

Shadow of the Erdtree Elden Ring DLC

With all the above information in mind, it still offers nothing concrete about the origins of Torrent. It is possible to believe that before they were connected with Marika through her children and were brought to The Lands Between when she was cast as an Empyrean for The Greater Will. Marika herself is to Numen of a region beyond The Lands Between, so it would fit that Torrent could have been brought with her. However, at the same time, the Nox women within the game are rumored to be Numen as well, but they never ride mounts like Torrent, just giant ants.

could also be connected Torrent a Fell Omen because of his horns. The Fell Omen are hated by the Erdtree government, seen as a blasphemous figure from a time before them. As such, they are locked under Leyndell or have their horns cut off to hide their existence. That would possibly explain why we don’t see other figures like Torrent, but it’s still unusual that there’s no other evidence for a horned figure like Torrent, while abundant information exists to depict Fell Omen and how they were hunted.

The only thing that can be discerned concretely about Torrent is that have a will of their own and chose you, and had a previous owner. Anything else is like putting together a puzzle with missing pieces. That said, Miquella’s previous owner seems the most plausible, and Miquella and Ranni have some connection through their shared disdain for The Greater Will can you offer any reason why Ranni would have knowledge of Torrent. With the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion seemingly set to delve into both Torrent and Miquella, we can only hope that more information about them is available.

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