Elden Ring’s Torrent Sets a High Bar For Lords of the Fallen

Elden Ring’s Torrent Sets a High Bar For Lords of the Fallen



  • Elden Ring‘s Torrent mount sets a high standard for open-world exploration, seamlessly aiding traversal and adding new dynamics to combat encounters.
  • Lords of the Fallen may benefit from incorporating a similar mount mechanic, depending on its map size and emphasis on exploration.
  • Whether or not Lords of the Fallen includes mounts, Hex Studios promises a semi-open world with ample opportunities for exploration and uncovering secrets.



Elden Ring is seen by many as the pinnacle of the open-world genre. The action RPG from developer FromSoftware shone in most departments, hence why it became the Game of the Year winner last year. Aside from its stellar combat, visuals, and mechanics, Elden Ring managed to nail the concept of what an open world should be, with exploration consistently yielding rewards. Aiding in this exploration was Torrent, the game’s spectral mount, who could be summoned at will, and even used to add new dynamics to combat encounters. Upcoming Soulslike Lords of the Fallen, with its own expansive world waiting to be explored, would do well to have a Torrent of its own.

Lords of the Fallen is a reboot of the 2014 game of the same name. Promised by developer Hex Studios to be at least five times the size of the original, it is set to feature a semi-open world with plenty of secrets to uncover. Just how linear the experience will be is unknown, but the wide variety of maps already shown serves as an indication of the game’s overall size. There’s been no news yet about whether the game will feature mounts of any kind — this likely depends on the size of the maps — but if it does, Elden Ring‘s Torrent is a great example of a mount done right.

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Lords of the Fallen Might Need its Own Torrent


Lords of the Fallen grants players access to two dual worlds: Axiom, the world of the living, and the much more dangerous Umbral, the world of the dead. These worlds are layered on top of each other, and with the help of the protagonist’s magical lantern, players can freely move between the two. This makes for a highly unique take on how to create interconnected maps and will encourage maximum exploration, as a dead end in Axiom may actually lead to a hidden path in Umbral.

Elden Ring‘s Torrent proves to be a useful way of negotiating the Lands Between’s difficult terrain. The verticality of the map is made easier by Torrent’s ability to double jump, and he can even launch high into the air by jumping at specific points scattered across the land. The ease at which he can be summoned makes traversal a much more appealing option and reduces the player’s need to rely on fast travel, which is a huge accomplishment for a genre with which fast travel is synonymous. The ability to ride Torrent in battle also adds a new layer to Elden Ring‘s combat, giving the player more options when it comes to tackling some of the overworld’s many bosses.

Traversal in open world and semi-open world games is not always aided by a mount, depending on the map sizes, and it should be noted, of course, that Lords of the Fallen may not feature mounts at all. None have been shown in any of the game’s promotional material so far, and the Dark Souls trilogy from which LotF draws heavy inspiration contains no mounts whatsoever. Lords of the Fallen may simply expect the player to traverse on foot, and utilize fast travel points where possible.

Much depends on just how linear Lords of the Fallen proves to be. The fewer the choices offered to players in terms of where to go and what to do, the less need for a mount. Hex Studios has confirmed, however, that there will be plenty of opportunities for exploration, and there are plenty of secrets waiting to be found. With or without mounts, Lords of the Fallen is shaping up to be an exciting Soulslike that could rival the very best the genre has to offer.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X/S.

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