Footwear conglomerate Puma launches 3D Web3 experience

Footwear conglomerate Puma launches 3D Web3 experience


On June 13, the German footwear conglomerate Puma thrown out your 3D Black Station metaverse experience. As stated by the developers, Black Station is an “experiential home” for product delivery created to provide “unbridled access” to holders of Puma Pass non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The firm says the experience is for everyone to explore, but only those who hold RB tokens airdropped to Puma Pass holders can purchase a “Rulebreaker” digital sneaker and claim two digital wearables. At press time, RB tokens are currently priced at 0.0125 Ether (ETH). The developers wrote:

“If you don’t own an RB token, there’s still a lot to explore. Unkai, our city in the clouds, and Unter, our exciting club below, are both full of mysteries to explore and collect.”

Holders of the RB token can burn them between June 13 and June 20 at Black Station, granting their primary wallet access to various product drops in the metaverse. According to their roadmap, Black Station will have a few more general events and NFT drops this year, with 2024 events still in the works.

The experience remains open until June 23. Previously, Puma stated that he was exploring alternative chains, but nevertheless decided to stay on Ethereum. It is also possible to buy digital collectibles via credit card in addition to connecting the wallet and using ETH.

Cointelegraph reported in February 2022 that Puma registered an Ethereum naming service domain and changed its Twitter name to Puma.eth. At the time, Puma had invested in several feline-inspired NFT collections, including Cool Cats NFT, Lazy Lions, the Gutter Cat Gang, and CatBlox.

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