Forgotten MW2 DMR has a busted TTK in Warzone

While some players are happy with the most popular weapons in war zoneOthers love to search for hidden gems.

Tracking down underrated weapons can be a difficult task, especially with the countless options in the arsenal that simply don't have enough damage to compete.

Many of these disappointing weapons fall into the MW2 category, but there are a few that have the potential to destroy any opponent in your path.

Warzone guru Luke"MetaphorCanning has discovered one of these deadly picks: a battle rifle with a devastating TTK. Best of all, no one is using it.

MW2's Tempus Torrent has an "overpowered" TTK in Warzone

Attached files

  • Barrel: 24" Reach 4
  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spirit Fire Suppressor
  • Optical: JAK Glassless Optics
  • Magazine: 50 round drum
  • Under the barrel: Bruen Pivot Vertical Grip

Do you miss Modern Warfare 2's arsenal of weapons? Well, it might be time to equip Tempus Torrent, as the community is sleeping on this powerful DMR.

For starters, the weapon has a great time-to-kill that quickly takes out enemies at medium and long range. This is especially true with the new JAK glassless optics, which makes every bullet hit the target very easily and even improves aiming stability.

The 50-round drum is also a big plus, as it means that even against trios and quads, you can take out a full set of enemies with minimal reloads.

Recoil-wise, the Tempus Torrent is relatively easy to use, but as with any battle rifle, it will take some practice. We recommend using an SMG in conjunction with this weapon in case any pesky enemies force a melee skirmish.

How popular is Tempus Torrent in Warzone?

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This weapon is really under the radar, with WZStatistics revealing that he has a criminally low level 0.2% selection rate. This effectively means that the entire community has forgotten that the weapon exists, and that's all the more reason to add it to your loadout list.

Sometimes it's fun to take a trip back in time and use an old weapon, but it's especially worth it when the weapon in question is powerful. This DMR is capable of carrying matches alone, so be sure to try it out for yourself.

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