Gérard Depardieu made sexual comments about 10-year-old girl, documentary shows

In another exchange, the actor pulls the performer close to him before telling another woman to “take a photo while I touch her butt.”

The images were filmed by Yann Moix, a friend of the actor who accompanied Depardieu on his visit to North Korea on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the totalitarian state.

Testimony of Helene Darras

In one scene, Moix can be heard telling the performer: “You chose the shortest straw with Gérard.”

The documentary, which features just a few minutes of footage from the trip to North Korea, also contains testimony from a fellow French actress, Helene Darras, who accuses Depardieu of groping her while they were working on the 2007 film Disco.

Ms Darras, who worked as an extra, was 26 years old at the time of the alleged incident.

Paris prosecutors confirmed on Thursday that he had filed a legal complaint. Now they must decide whether or not to launch an investigation.

Christian Saint-Palais, Depardieu's lawyer, could not immediately be reached for comment.

"It took me a year to go from talking about what happened (in the media) to filing a criminal complaint," Darras told the AFP news agency.

“Walking through the door of a police station and telling an officer that someone touched your private parts is not easy, you need time to think about it,” he added.

"He ran his hand over my thighs and buttocks" and then "directly said, 'Do you want to come to my dressing room?'" Ms. Darras alleged.

'He continued groping'

She rejected his alleged advances, but “that didn't change anything,” he added. “She kept touching me between takes.”

The actress said she "doesn't give a damn" if the allegations are too old to be investigated.

He added that he "wanted to respond to the defense downplaying our accusations by saying they are 'just' witness accounts."

Depardieu was charged in Paris three years ago after Actress Charlotte Arnould accused him of raping her twice. at his luxurious Left Bank mansion in 2018. He denies the charges.

Since then, more than a dozen women have accused him of sexual violence in the press. Depardieu denied all accusations made against him in an open letter.

In October, it was revealed that he had been removed from the cast of Michel Hazanavicius's upcoming film.

Depardieu has also been removed from promotional material advertising other films in which he has appeared. Several performances of Barbara, a 2017 biopic in which he starred, have been interrupted by feminist protests.

heading to his alleged crimessays one industry expert quoted in the new documentary: "You can say that French cinema was not unaware that Gerard Depardieu's behavior was problematic."

Another said: “You can say whatever you want about Gérard, except he's a rapist.”

In a letter to Le Figaro in October, Depardieu insisted he was “neither a rapist nor a predator.”

"I have never, but never, abused a woman," he wrote, stating that he would not get involved in "any project" given the "context" of the accusations made against him.

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