Google Cloud to cover cryptocurrency mining costs up to $1 million

Google Cloud to cover cryptocurrency mining costs up to $1 million


google cloud Announced youhyouryesdtoand that cryptomining attack prevention is now integrated into its risk management solution and its Security Command Center Premium service.

Google is so confident you can quickly detect and stop these types of attacks with your new offering backs up the claim by offering to have your Crypto Mining Protection Program cover up to $1 million associated with unauthorized google cloud Calculate charges for Security Command Center Premium customers.

Customers must follow the best practices set forth in the program terms and conditions, but if the premium service fails to detect and notify customers of an encryption attack, the customer may request credits within 30 days of the start of the attack to cover unauthorized costs of Compute Engine. , according to the description of the program.

“Google will work with the customer to determine Compute Engine costs incurred as a result of the cryptomining attack. The maximum number of credits issued under this program to any customer will not exceed $1 million in any 12-month period.

Responding to and remediation of an attack remains the responsibility of the customer, and Google’s responsibility is limited to detecting and notifying the customer of cryptomining attacks, the description clarifies.

The program only covers Compute Engine VM types and compute environments supported by SCC Premium VM Threat Detection and excludes all other Google Cloud services.

A single cryptocurrency mining attack can result in unauthorized computing costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars in just days, Greg Smith and Tim Peacock, product marketing manager and senior product manager at Google Cloud, wrote in the program announcement. , respectively.

TO report september 2022 by the Google Cybersecurity Action Team revealed that 65% of compromised cloud accounts experienced cryptocurrency mining.


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