Great expectations: Tapping AI’s power to optimize our working world

The promise of generative artificial intelligence (AI)'s transformative potential for business has prompted cutting-edge companies to take action to realize a vision of an optimized world of work where human performance is elevated and amplified through thoughtful and targeted use. of AI. By developing strategies to implement optimal combinations of humans and machines, organizations are shaping new approaches that enable their people and

AI will work together, in beneficial and complementary ways, to achieve better and faster business results.

Learn how organizations are planning for this “machine-augmented” operating model where every human has an AI co-pilot. See how these companies are redesigning work by incorporating specific AI tools to achieve new results and achieve more profits by increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving customer service. And discover the steps they took to begin their journey.

On January 16, 2024, Mercer Global Transformation Leader Ravin JesuthasanOliver Wyman Chief Knowledge Officer, Ana Kreacic – along with a panel of senior global business leaders, will explore the big expectations of AI and discuss what an integrated (human and machine) operating model really looks like. If your organization will be attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, we invite you to join us in this discussion and help develop a vision and plan for our future world of work.

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