HOOD Stock Gains Amid Crypto Market Rally

Robinhood reports a 75% increase in cryptocurrency trading and plans to expand to the UK. A pivotal moment for investors in HOOD stock.

What you need to know

Robinhood Markets Inc (NASDAQ: HOOD), a platform known for its cryptocurrency-friendly trading, recently reported a significant 75% increase in digital asset trading volume in November compared to October. This detail was disclosed in a Form 8-K filing with the SEC. Despite this increase in cryptocurrency trading, the platform's stock and options contract trading volumes remained relatively unchanged.

This increase marks a shift for Robinhood, which had previously reported in its third-quarter results a 55% decline in notional cryptocurrency volumes for the year.

Consequently, the online brokerage saw a drop in third-quarter revenue, missing Wall Street's HOOD stock forecasts due to decreased trading activity. Robinhood saw an 11% decline in transaction-based revenue, earning $185 million, while its monthly active users declined 16% to 10.3 million compared to a year ago.

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Looking ahead, Robinhood can anticipate a more profitable fourth quarter following the cryptocurrency market's recent rally, which boosted total capitalization by 40% to $1.6 trillion in two months. Vlad Tenev, co-founder and CEO of Robinhood, hopes the platform can eventually generate substantial annual revenue, citing renewed interest in cryptocurrencies among retail investors.

Robinhood's international expansion is coming to the UK in early 2024, allowing users to choose from 6,000 US shares with 24-hour trading. This expansion marks the company's third attempt at international growth after a failed launch and a failed acquisition. The UK service will initially exclude options and derivatives, focusing instead on share trading.

Robinhood is looking to attract a young, tech-savvy customer base in the UK and aims to become a major employer in the region.

Despite the challenges of previous attempts, Tenev remains optimistic about the UK launch and emphasizes a solid platform and a strong relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority. Robinhood will operate without the controversial payment-for-order-flow model in the UK, relying on other revenue streams such as securities lending, margin lending and its Robinhood Gold subscription service.

Why this Robinhood news is important for investors

  1. Expanded investment opportunities: Robinhood's rise in cryptocurrency trading and its expansion into the UK market offers retail investors a wider range of investment options. This diversification is crucial for risk management and capitalizes on different market trends, offering more opportunities for portfolio growth.

  2. Access to global markets: The launch of Robinhood in the UK, especially with 24-hour stock trading, opens the door for retail investors to access global markets. This feature allows trading based on real-time news and market movements, giving investors the flexibility to react quickly to international market trends.

  3. Technological advances in commerce: Robinhood's technology approach, including its easy-to-use platform, attracts a younger, more technologically inclined audience. This aligns with the growing trend of digital-first investment strategies, making investing more accessible and attractive to a new generation of investors.

  4. Educational benefits: Robinhood's approach to simplifying complex financial markets and products serves as an educational tool for retail investors. This can allow them to make more informed decisions, especially in the dynamic and often complex cryptocurrency market.

  5. Greater competition in financial services: Robinhood's expansion and growth in trading volumes indicate increased competition in the financial services sector. This competition can lead to better services, lower fees, and more innovative products for retail investors, ultimately benefiting their investment experience and potential returns.

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How can you use this HOOD stock information?

In relation to HOOD stock, here are some investment ideas to explore:

Value investing

Investors could consider Robinhood as a value investment. Despite facing challenges, the company's recent increase in cryptocurrency trading volumes and its expansion into the UK market could indicate underlying value that is not fully recognized by the market.

The company's adaptability and strategic moves could make it an attractive option for value investors looking for companies with strong fundamentals priced below their intrinsic value.

Value investing looks for undervalued companies that trade for less than their intrinsic values, with the expectation that they will eventually be recognized by the market.

Growth investment

Robinhood's plan to introduce new markets and services, such as 24-hour trading in the UK and a possible move into futures trading, positions it as a growth-oriented company. Growth-focused investors could explore investing in HOOD stock as it looks to expand its Robinhood customer base and revenue streams. The emphasis on technological advancement and access to new markets could indicate strong potential for future growth.

Growth investing focuses on companies with strong potential for future revenue and profit expansion, attracting investors seeking long-term appreciation. Find out more in our article titled 'What is growth investing?'.

Momentum Reversal

The recent surge in Robinhood cryptocurrency trading volumes and the overall cryptocurrency market rally present a dynamic investment opportunity. Investors could consider cryptocurrencies as an asset class gaining traction or Robinhood itself, as HOOD stock has been gaining momentum following positive news about trading volume and expansion plans.

Momentum Reversal Take advantage of the wave of existing market trends by purchasing assets that have shown an upward price trend and selling those that have a downward trend.

Investment focused on the sector

Given Robinhood's emphasis on technological innovation in trading, investors interested in the fintech sector could view HOOD stock as a strategic investment. The fintech sector often includes companies at the forefront of innovation in financial services, which can be attractive to those looking to invest in industries driving technological change in finance.

Sector rotation It is the practice of moving investment capital from one industrial sector to another to take advantage of the economic cycle.


Retail investors can use Robinhood's platform to diversify their portfolios. With access to a wide range of assets, including shares and cryptocurrencies, and soon to include UK shares, investors can spread their risk across different asset classes and geographies, which is a fundamental principle of risk management in the investment.

Diversification Spread investments across multiple assets to reduce the risk and volatility of a portfolio.

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