How Bitcoin Spark is Poised to Outperform BNB in the Crypto Market

As the crypto market evolves in tandem with innovative solutions demanded by investors, Bitcoin Spark emerges as a potential force to reckon with, raising questions about its potential to outperform established players like Binance Coin (BNB).

What is BNB crypto?

BNB crypto (Binance Coin) serves as a cryptocurrency created to facilitate services on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance Coin operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a smart contracts facilitator and enabler of dApps. It is a utility token for trading fee settlement, staking on BSC, cross-chain transactions, online platforms, NFTs, and digital collectibles.

How to add BNB to metamask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet operating as a browser extension or mobile app, helping you manage your Ethereum wallet and use dApps. To add Binance Coin (BNB) to your MetaMask wallet, you’ll need to set up a custom token using the Binance Smart Chain network details. If you don’t have MetaMask installed in your browser, download and install the MetaMask extension for your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Brave). Create a new wallet or import an existing one into MetaMask. MetaMask primarily connects to Ethereum, but for Binance Smart Chain DApps, settings need adjusting. When you connect the Binance smart Chain, you’ll see your balance in BNB and a Smart Chain dropdown. With BSC connected to MetaMask, you can make transactions by getting the token’s contract address and copying it. Open MetaMask again, click Add Token, paste the copied contract address, and complete the process.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark is emerging as a serious contender looking to outshine the rest, including BNB. As such, it has rolled out an innovative Proof-Of-Process infrastructure that disrupts the norm. Its PoP protocol picks and improves on the best from PoS and PoW protocols. BTCS miners will have to stake and provide processing power to earn rewards. Mining will be through smart devices, effectively allowing anyone to mine, regardless of computational power. The improvement and facilitation of easy entry to mining are in response to Bitcoin’s skewness toward centralization by concentrating the mining power on a few entities holding massive capabilities.

Bitcoin Spark application is the vehicle to onboard BTCS products and services. Here’s where prospective investors make a pick among the project offerings. The app facilitates mining, validation, computational power rental, and reward distribution. The reward distribution is designed in a non-linear way, courtesy of advanced algorithms. The app has an inbuilt reward calculator for prospective miners to know the expected results of their efforts beforehand. The smart contract system offered is one of a multi-language channel and a multi-layered ecosystem comprising execution, consensus, mining, and rewards layers.

BTCS prioritizes the security and safety of investor funds by implementing good practices. As such it has subjected its infrastructure to a Cognitos KYC certification and ContractWolf smart contracts audit. BTCS goes at $1.75 in ICO phase two giving investors a potential ROI of 657% on launch at $10 each. Investors will also be treated to a bonus of 15% as a reward for early adoption.

Wrap Up

Bitcoin Spark’s unique solutions, underlying technologies, and market reception reveal a valid potential to surpass BNB and carve its significant niche in the crypto market. 



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