How to summon in Elden Ring

Wondering how to summon in Elden Ring? It's an incredibly large, dangerous, and sometimes lonely world in the Midlands of Elden Ring. So it's great that FromSoftware has given players a wealth of tools with which they can summon powerful allies and comrades into battle.

Using different unique items, you can summon everything from your trusty steed Torrent to packs of wolves, powerful sorcerers, important NPCs, and even other players in your world to help you conquer the Between Lands. And we'll go over each of these options in this guide, so you're always aware of the summoning tools at your disposal in Elden Ring.

In this guide:

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How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

You don't start Elden Ring with the ability to summon Spirit Ashes. To summon Spirit Ashes, you first need a unique item called Spiritual calling bell.

Follow these steps to easily unlock Spirit Calling Bell:

  1. From your starting point in Limgrave, head north to the Gatefront Site Of Grace.
  2. Rest at the Site of Grace and receive the Spectral Steed Whistle from Melina.
  3. Rest until nightfall and then teleport to the Church of Elleh.
  4. Talk to the witch Renna to receive the Spiritual Calling Bell.

A map of part of Limgrave on the Elden Ring, with the starting point, entrance and Elleh Church all marked in yellow.
From your starting point, rest at the Gatefront Site Of Grace and then head to the Church of Elleh to obtain the Spirit Calling Bell. | Image credit: Paper Stone Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Now that you have the Spirit Calling Bell, you can summon any Spirit Ashes you have, as long as you have enough FP (Focus Points). However, you can only summon Spirit Ashes in particular locations, denoted by the presence of a Renaissance Monument. You'll know when you're within range of a Rebirth Monument because a white icon will appear on the left side of your screen. You'll find a Monument to Rebirth in most boss arenas and other places in the Lands Between.

To summon spiritual ashes of your choice, simply locate them in your inventory and click on them, then click "Use." However, there is an easier way that doesn't involve opening your inventory: add the spiritual ashes of your choice to one of the slots in your bag, which is located on the right side of your character menu. This way, you can summon those Spiritual Ashes by simply holding down Y and pressing the associated address on the D-Pad.

Remember that spiritual ashes cost FP and can also be injured and killed, so they may not always have the effect you want in battle. However, they can be a valuable asset during fights, especially when you upgrade them by visiting Roderika in Roundtable Hold after progressing. search.

We also have a complete guide dedicated to Best Spiritual Ashes in Elden Ringso check it out if you want!

The player speaks with the warrior Nepheli Loux at Castle Stormveil in Elden Ring.
Nepheli Loux is an example of an NPC that can be summoned outside the arena of a major boss (Godrick). | Image credit: Paper Stone Shotgun/Bandai Namco

How to Summon NPC in Elden Ring

There are particular boss fights in Elden Ring where you can summon NPCs to help you in battle. This is a completely separate system from Spirit Ashes: you don't need FP to summon NPCs, nor do you need the Spirit Calling Bell. But conversely, you can only summon each NPC in a single encounter with a specific boss.

You will know if you can summon an NPC to battle because there will be a golden symbol on the ground right outside the boss arena. To summon an NPC, simply walk up to the gold symbol and interact with it. Certain areas may only have the ability to summon an NPC if you have previously spoken to that NPC; for example, Nefeli Loux can be found not far from where you fight. Godrick in Castle Stormveil, and you must first speak to her before you can summon her outside of Godrick's arena.

Summoned NPCs typically have more health and attack power than Spirit Ashes, making them very valuable in combat. You can also summon Spirit Ashes even when you have a summoned NPC helping you, giving you plenty of extra help on the battlefield.

A close-up of the art of the Tarnished Coiled Finger item in the Elden Ring loadout menu.
Tarnished's Coiled Finger is one of several items that can be used for the process of summoning other players to one's world. | Image credit: Paper Stone Shotgun/Bandai Namco

How to summon players in Elden Ring

If you want to summon another player to help you in co-op, then that's a completely different system. To summon a friendly player, you must use a Remedy for furlcalling fingeran item you can create using a 2-Flower Craft Kit from Erdleaf.

Doing this will consume the Furlcalling Finger remedy, but will reveal any nearby summon signs placed by players in your vicinity. You can then choose which players to summon to your world.

If you want to place your own summon sign so other players can summon you, you can do so using a unique item called Tarnished Rolled Finger, which you (hopefully) will have found in the first room of the Chapel of Anticipation at the beginning of the game. Once invoked, you can use the finger cutter item (found in the same starting room) to return to your world. Unlike the furlcalling finger remedy, Tarnished's furlcalling finger is not consumed with use, so it can be used infinitely.

The other way you can allow yourself to be summoned to another player's world is by using a Small Golden Effigy. Doing this will place a summon sign at each of the nearby locations. Effigies of martyrs in the world. This is a useful mechanic, because it allows you to be summoned to another's world more quickly, and it also means that you don't have to coordinate as much with your friends to go to the exact same location on the map before using your respective summon items. .

The Glintstone Dragon Smarag shoots flames from its mouth while a player rides Torrent in Elden Ring.
It wouldn't be as fun to explore Elden Ring without the help of your horse, Torrent. | Image credit: Paper Stone Shotgun/Bandai Namco

How to summon Torrent in Elden Ring

Finally, a brief word on how to summon Torrent, your noble spirit steed, in Elden Ring. Torrent does not require the spiritual calling bell: instead, he is summoned through his own unique item called Spectral Steed Whistle. This item is given to you the first time you talk to Melina at the Gate of Grace in Limgrave (there are other Sites of Grace that can cause it to appear, but the Gate of Grace is the easiest to reach).

Once you have spoken to Melina and received the Spectral Steed Whistle, the best thing to do is place it in one of the slots of your bag so you can quickly access it without needing to clutter your quick access bar with quick items. Summoning Torrent costs no FP and you can do it infinitely, practically whenever you want. The only exception is that certain areas, such as dungeons and evergaols, prohibit the use of Torrent, so you cannot summon it in these areas.

This concludes our guide to summoning almost everything that is possible to summon in Elden Ring. To make sure you're up to the challenge of helping your spirit friends in all the fights to come, check out our top-notch guides at best buildings, best weapons, best armor setsand best spells In Elden Ring!

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