How to unlock the Tempus Torrent DMR in MW2 & Warzone 2.0

Unleash a wave of unstoppable power

The ultimate weapon is available in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and war zone 2.0 with the new Tempus Torrent DMR. This weapon joins the crowded sniper rifle space as one of the immediate standouts. It impresses with its unstoppable fire rate and powerful damage stats.

How to unblock Tempus Torrent DMR in MW2 and war zone 2.0

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He MW2 and war zone 2.0 Tempus Torrent DMR is one of the best new weapons to hit these Obligations games. A fan favorite of the sniper rifle category due to its unmatched speed and strength, Instantly is now available for players to unlock on season 2 reloaded.

If you're ready to take the plunge and make this your new primary weapon, there are two main ways to unlock it. The first is a free method that does not require you to spend any real world currency or money to earn it.

If you like saving money, you'll need to complete a special Season 2 Reloaded challenge before the current season ends. This quest asks players to earn 25 double kills with any marksman rifle.

This is quite a difficult task as you essentially need to get 50 kills. Double kills involve eliminating one player, immediately followed by the next one in a small amount of time. Every time you get a double kill, the game will notify you at the top of the screen.

You have to do this 25 times, and worst of all, he only has a sniper rifle. You can use any of the existing DMRs for this task. I suggest zooming in on Shipping or another close quarters map and finding a good vantage point to pick off the enemies as they spawn.

Alternatively, if you can find Tempus Torrent in the DMZ, you can unblock it this way. Locating the DMR in the DMZ game mode and drawing it while wielding it will permanently unlock the weapon.

How to Instantly Unlock Tempus Torrent DMR

The other main method to unlock the MW2 and war zone 2.0 Tempus Torrent DMR will head to the in-game store. The store will have a pack in the future that features an exclusive version of weapon blueprints for the new Marksman Rifle. It is currently not available on the Season 2 Reloaded release.

If you buy this bundle there, you will get the weapon blueprint and other goodies in the bundle. More importantly though, it will also instantly unlock the Tempus Torrent for use in your loadout and all game modes from there.

This is useful for those who have some Cod Points they are not using for anything else. This method doesn't require you to mess around with weapons you might not want to use and you'll immediately be able to grind the Tempus Torrent before other players can.

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