Local Event: Swingin’ Tern Contra Dance

Local Event: Swingin’ Tern Contra Dance


Saturday, November 4th 7:30pm—10:30pm [Beginners’
Workshop 7pm]
Paul Morris & Torrent
Admission $15 [students $5]

Do you like smiling, laughing, and interacting with
friendly folks while getting some healthy exercise? Contra dancing might
be for you! Contra dancing is a fun, easy-to-learn style of social dance
accompanied by a live band. Knowing how to dance is not necessary since the
caller prompts the moves and guides the dancers. A workshop is given prior to
the start to learn basic terminology and some of the dance moves. The dance
moves are similar to square dancing but way more cool! Click the More Info link
for talent, videos, and much more!


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