Maximizing efficiency, examining benefits of crypto exchange aggregators

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The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the expansion of the possibilities of their use led to the emergence of specialized services that exchange digital currencies for other currencies or fiat money.

This is an analogue of traditional online currency conversion points. In fact, the convenience and speed of operation of cryptocurrency exchangers made it significantly easier to carry out complex transactions with currencies. However, until 2018, these resources were characterized by inflated rates.

This circumstance made it unprofitable to convert cryptocurrencies, so people mainly carried out exchange operations on cryptocurrency exchanges. The current situation is improving and conversion services set exchange rates for the most popular cryptocurrency exchange addresses that differ from exchange rates by 1.2% to 3%.

Benefits of Crypto Exchange Aggregators

As users need to analyze essential parameters for cryptocurrency exchanges, searching on various websites can be time-consuming and challenging. However, with the help of cryptocurrency exchange aggregator platforms, users can quickly find suitable resources with specific guidance. These platforms use algorithms to collect and present information about these sites in a convenient table.

Using cryptocurrency exchange aggregator platforms saves users time when registering for accounts on multiple crypto exchanges. It is important to note that online cryptocurrency exchange services focus on high profitability, which results in high rates being offered. However, with the help of the aggregator's resources, users can comfortably compare and analyze different cryptocurrency conversion offers from online exchange services.

Cryptocurrency exchange aggregators are a fast and convenient way to find the best terms and transaction rates for digital currencies. Some examples of these types of platforms are SwapSpace, and

This article will explore its features and functionalities and perform a comparative analysis to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing a Crypto Exchange Aggregator

People who use an online crypto exchange aggregator can quickly receive updated information, saving them time and helping them choose the best option. There are several methods to configure segregation parameters on aggregators.

For example, the search is usually carried out according to criteria.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange rate.
  • Decentralized currency reserves or fiat funds.
  • Used electronic payment systems.
  • Internet banking availability
  • Electronic wallets of payment systems.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange codes.
  • Exchange addresses.
  • Types of money transfers, etc.

Once the appropriate option has been chosen, the user accesses the service, analyzes the conditions offered in more detail and makes the planned conversion. Exchange operations are not carried out on aggregator sites; instead, they only provide a concise collection of essential information to facilitate a convenient search for desired web projects.

This is similar to thematic databases that automatically receive information about supported currencies, exchange addresses, new online cryptocurrency conversion services, and more. Users can then view the sorted values ​​and be directed to a specific virtual currency exchanger.

There are several reputable online cryptocurrency exchange aggregators. Still, we will analyze in detail the three industry leaders in this sector. They are reliable and convenient, provide up-to-date information, and have no technical problems.

Exchange space

Exchange space is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows the exchange of over 1,850 cryptocurrencies with fixed and floating rates without limits, registration or additional fees. This aggregator facilitates exchanges between cryptocurrency chains, such as bitcoinEthereum and decentralized finance (defi) tokens.

SwapSpace does not have a mandatory know-your-customer (KYC) procedure. That means you can trade your coins without registering or providing your personal details. However, if our partners' risk management systems detect a red flag, they may require selective KYC verification.

Step by step guide to use SwapSpace:

  1. Choose the exchange pair: Visit the SwapSpace website and select the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange. SwapSpace aggregates rates from various instant cryptocurrency exchange services, allowing users to select the most profitable option without the need to search and compare multiple websites.
  2. Choose the exchange service: SwapSpace offers fixed and floating exchange rates. Use the sorting function or look at the icons next to the rates to select the type of exchange service that best suits your needs.
  3. Enter the recipient's wallet address: Fill the 'Provide BTC Address' field with the address of the destination wallet where you want to receive your coins after the exchange. If you prefer Trezor as your wallet, press the button to connect it and speed up the exchange process. If you don't like using Trezor as a wallet, you can refer to the instructions provided in the FAQ section of the SwapSpace website.
  4. Transfer your funds and wait for the exchange to process. SwapSpace will process the transaction and you can check the Swap Tracker to know the status of the exchange. If you encounter any problems, please contact the support team.

The SwapSpace team is constantly improving the platform, transforming it into more than just an aggregator. The program has an NFT-based loyalty program, an educational initiative called SwapSpace Academy, an online community chat, and additional features. The team actively manages social media and organizes attractive events and giveaways.

BestChange Aggregator

The official address of the main page of the portal is

The interface is laconic and has a pleasant design in green tones with black and gray elements. Navigation is easy thanks to the competent placement of work sections. On the left there is a block for selecting ranking parameters for the necessary sites.

It is possible to change several selection modes here:

  • “Table”: displays all search criteria in a list. You need to scroll down and click on the required parameter for the system to display the selected variants of crypto exchanges;
  • "List" is a convenient search for online conversion services by exchanging addresses and methods. For example, activating the QIWI (USD) fiat and Bitcoin (BTC) crypto address lookup will give a list of resources where this operation is possible;
  • "Popular" is a filter that shows the most popular exchange schemes and addresses. The central area of ​​the page is reserved for the placement of search results. Here, you can directly reveal the details of the information provided and quickly move to the selected site.

There are also tabs:

  • "Aid";
  • “Contacts”;
  • “bestchange partner program”.

Let's discuss the schematic instructions for exchanging Bitcoin SV coin for Binance digital currency.

The actions are as follows:

  • On the left, select the "Table" tab;
  • Specify the BSV currency in the "Gift" section;
  • Choose BNB in ​​the "Get" sector;

The System will automatically analyze and search for suitable cryptocurrency exchangers.

The exchange rate profitability orders the results that appear in the central area of ​​the page: first, good quotes and then decreasing in a less favorable direction. Currency reserve figures and the possibility of manual or automatic exchange are also given, if there is a price fixation, the country of origin and customer opinions.

A good feature for unpopular conversion addresses ignored by all exchangers. Here, the system will form multi-step operation chains, offering different conversion site connections; “Reviews”, “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Help” section: Find instructions, explanations and reliability analysis on based on customer reviews.


The main page of the platform for monitoring cryptocurrency exchange services is the address

In addition to being easy to use, OKchanger offers a wide range of additional information, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in cryptocurrency conversions.

All work options are identical to the capabilities of However, there are advantageous nuances.

The main menu contains buttons to go to the relevant sections of the service:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange - the main page for monitoring conversion services;
  • “Exchangers”: detailed information about any working online cryptocurrency exchange resource;
  • “Cryptocurrency exchanges” – convenient statistics of cryptoasset quotes on trading platforms – market share by cryptocurrency pairs, quotes, trading volume, spread, interface language, etc.;
  • “Payment Systems”: everything you need about EPS;
  • “Internet banking” – a set of primary information about financial organizations with the function of online banking;
  • “Cryptocurrencies”: a detailed overview of Bitcoin and 77 popular altcoins;
  • “News”: all the latest publications about blockchain projects, cryptosystems and currencies.

The usage scheme of the OKchanger aggregator is typical:

  • On the left the search parameters for cryptocurrency conversion services are configured;
  • Analysis of the information displayed in the center – exchangers (in descending order of profitability of quotes), their capabilities and characteristics;
  • The transition to the desired resource, where the desired operation is performed.

For example, when searching for the exchange of Monero (XMR) for the WebMoney euro fiat currency (WME), the system will offer you two suitable platforms: and Young Ehter-Change. com. The exchange rates offered for the Monero cryptocurrency are almost identical: on Bit-Exchanger 1 XMR = 66.3345 EUR and on Ehter-Change 1 XMR = 66.3100 EUR. The average price value of this cryptocurrency pair on exchange platforms is 73.8361 EUR.

Interesting and valuable features of

  • statistics on services related to cryptocurrency transactions;
  • important data on large banking organizations and popular electronic payment systems;
  • Constantly updated messages about news from the world of cryptocurrencies.


Online cryptocurrency exchange aggregators can save time and effort. They collect the latest data of functional cryptocurrency conversion services and present visitors with organized and informative details.

Users can easily use filters to find suitable options for exchanging cryptocurrencies. These platforms also benefit digital currency traders and those who make money through cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Disclosure: This content is provided by a third party. does not endorse any products mentioned on this page. Users should conduct their own research before taking any action related to the company.

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