Mining Revolution: High-Powered Cryptocurrency Miners Boast One-Month ROI

Mining Revolution: High-Powered Cryptocurrency Miners Boast One-Month ROI


NEW YORK, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global crypto community is currently experiencing the rise of a new paradigm, fueled by a set of ASIC miners from


. Like never before, these mining rigs have made it possible for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to achieve 100% ROI in just one month.

The powerful performance of


The BM1, BM2 and BM Pro miners of BM1, BM2 and BM Pro can be attributed to their high hash rates. These unprecedented hash rates make it much easier for users to earn rewards by completing blocks. To make things even more exciting, unlike any of its competitors,


has a private and unique Bitstream. This has made it possible for


users extract multiple algorithms using a single hardware.

Game-changing hash rates

  • BM1: Bitcoin 760 TH/s, Litecoin 80 GH/s, Dash 15 TH/s, Monero 6 MH/s

  • BM2: Bitcoin 1220 TH/s, Litecoin 128 GH/s, Dash 25 TH/s, Monero 10 MH/s

  • BM Pro: Bitcoin 3900 TH/s, Litecoin 400 GH/s, Dash 75 TH/s, Monero 32 MH/s

The lucrative potential of cryptominers is often reduced by the high power consumption of the hardware.


has addressed this point excellently, with consumptions of 50W, 850W and 2200W for the BM1, BM2 and BM Pro, respectively.

Monthly Mining Profitability

  • BM1: Bitcoin $1,300, Litecoin $1,800, Dash $4,800, Monero $3,600

  • BM2: Bitcoin $2,100, Litecoin $2,900, Dash $8,500, Monero $6,000

  • BM Pro: Bitcoin $6,600, Litecoin $8,900, Dash $25,500, Monero $19,000

“When we embarked on this journey, our goal was to do something that hasn’t been achieved before. Today, we have the most profitable mining rigs in the history of this industry,” said David Letoski, CMO of



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About Bitmanu: Bitmanu is a manufacturing company created, owned and managed by a team of investors and leading crypto industry experts dedicated to bringing the benefits of the latest technological innovations to the public. The company offers an impressive range of cryptominers that offer super-fast returns on investment and can be set up and used by everyone, regardless of experience and knowledge.

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