New Cryptocurrency Sonik Coin Enters Final Hours Of Token Sale, Over $1.3 Million Raised

Sonik Coin ($SONIK) Is now entering into the final hours of its presale with buyers racing to secure tokens ahead of a rumored IEO at the end of the week.

SONIK, which has already raised more than $1.3 million in just over two weeks since it launched, saw a huge wave of investment over the weekend. 

Nearly $500,000 of SONIK tokens were purchased with the fast-approaching closing date and DEX listing sparking huge interest.

Sonik’s staking pool has also seen billions of tokens added to it, with the project currently offering a huge estimated APY of 58%.

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Not Long to Secure Sonik

The Sonik presale now has just hours remaining ahead of its closing date on Tuesday, September 5 at 2pm UTC.

With rumors that an IEO could take place this week, and only a limited number of tokens still available before a listing on leading DEX Uniswap, the final day of the presale is expected to see mass purchasing.

The SONIK hard cap is only around $2 million and, at the time of writing, less than $700k worth remains on sale.

The presale has run for one round with the project offering tokens at a fixed price of $0.000014 throughout, so arriving late puts new buyers at no disadvantage.

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Earn Huge Staking Rewards

Although Sonik has obvious meme coin potential, investors have also been drawn to the project because of the incredible returns currently on offer for staking.

More than 40 billion tokens have now been locked in the pool and, at the time of writing, Sonik Coin stakers can earn an estimated annualized percentage yield of 58%.

According to the staking dashboard, the pool will reward those staking with 9,125 SONIK per simulated block.

Sonik also has a four-year unlocking cycle that will give the project a long shelf-life – much longer than other meme coins that can often enjoy booms and then bust within just 24 hours of launch.

The staking pool will ensure that holders remain interested in the project over the long-term and can generate passive income from their initial investment.

Presale buyers can even add their tokens to the staking pool straight after purchase and earn instant rewards. It should be noted that there is a minimum seven-day locking period.

100x Gains for Sonik?

With such rapid investment and interest building, Sonik Coin has also caught the eye of some prominent analysts in the space. 

Michael Wrubel believes the token could be his “next $1,000,000 meme crypto” and was singing SONIK’s praises on his YouTube channel, which has more than 300,000 subscribers.

CryptoGains believes the project could see 20x gains, telling his 100,000 followers that it reminds him of HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu, which saw 2,000% gains earlier this summer.

GoUp told his 20k subscribers that the project has 100x potential and CryptoAlert is also bulling on Sonik, telling his 35k followers that the project ‘could explode’ during its IEO.

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Tokenomics, Team and Audit

Sonik Coin has also become a top trending coin in the last week because the project, which has no affiliation to Sonic the Hedgehog, has solid fundamentals. 

The max supply is 299,792,458,000 – a meme-worthy figure that is the speed of light and the speed at which Sonic the Hedgehog can move.

50% of the total has been made available during the presale, while another 40% will be used for the staking pool and, as mentioned above, unlocked over four years.

The final 10% is reserved for exchanges, with the IEO rumored to be happening in early September.

The Sonik Coin team are anonymous, like most meme coin founders, but have strong experience of success in Web3. 

They have also moved to add legitimacy and ease any investor concerns by having the SONIK smart contract fully audited.

0x Guard carried out the audit and the results have been made public and published on the website – there were no adverse findings in the report.

More information and the latest news on the project, including when the IEO takes place, can be found in the Telegram group.

Investors should note that they will need ETH or USDT to purchase SONIK during the presale, which closes on Tuesday, September 5.

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