Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Friday 9 June –  DeeLance, Solana, Aave

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Friday 9 June –  DeeLance, Solana, Aave


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The global cryptocurrency market is still somewhere in the balance but moving toward the positive line. The market’s capitalization rose by 0.47% in the last 24 hours. It is now $1.1 trillion at the time of this report.

But the market’s trade volume did not show that level of excitement. The volume dropped by 30.73% from what was reported in our last next cryptocurrency to explode. The market traded deals worth $25,85 billion.

The decentralized finance sector had a trade volume of $1.91 billion in the last 24 hours. That amounts to 7.38% of the entire crypto market’s trade in the same period. Stablecoins, on the other hand, recorded $24.67 billion worth of trade in 24 hours. That is 95.41% of the crypto market’s volume.

Bitcoin increased its market dominance by 0.09% in the last 24 hours. It now has a 46.65% market dominance.

Global Market Cap Chart

Global Market Cap chart

Wall Street is beginning to experience a bull market and it is exciting to its shareholders. The crypto market would follow suit but for the renewed legal action from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Binance.US has also suspended US dollar deposits to its platform because of the latest crackdown. Although Binance, Coinbase, and other platforms affected by SEC’s latest allegations are ready to take up the case, it is, however, affecting their positions in the market.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

While the market is currently undergoing selling pressure because of external factors, investors with deep knowledge of how things work are keeping the market afloat. The market’s current gainers are a mixture of both well-known and less-known assets. 

Investors, according to available data, are diversifying their investment portfolios to include less risky assets that will also bring good returns. Those gainers make up our next cryptocurrency to explode list today.

1. DeeLance (DLANCE)

The next cryptocurrency to explode is DeeLance. And it keeps making that list because it has shown great strength since it began its presale. Now in its 4th stage, the presale has raised more than $1.3 million and steadily heading toward its goal.

Presales are a fantastic way for investors to get in on new cryptocurrencies before they get listed on exchanges. Their price is usually cheaper because it is an introductory sale. Once listed on exchanges, their price begins to rise and fall depending on market forces. 

DeeLance’s native token, DLANCE, sells at $0.038 at this 4th stage of the presale. It is written on the platform’s website that its price will become $0.043 when it enters the 5th stage and $0.057 when it gets listed on exchanges.

DeeLance wrote on its Twitter page that it is backed up by big partnerships and influencers already. It also stated that there is a buy contest going on with those influencers and partners lined up for it.

DeeLance is out to make the way people work more straightforward and bring them into the metaverse. Freelancers and their employers will be able to meet in the metaverse and exchange value. This will eliminate the interference of existing freelancing platforms and job boards.

DeeLance also has an NFT marketplace where anyone can showcase their works to prospective patrons. The platform has the potential of becoming more than a job marketplace but a space for proper e-commerce. Offices can be set up in the DeeLance metaverse for employers to conduct interviews and interact with freelancers or anyone they plan to work with.

Investors looking to invest in the way work will be done in the future and the next big cryptocurrency to explode should visit DeeLance.

2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is another crypto asset on presale that is taking the market by storm. Being an eco-centric project to protect the environment and planet, ECOTERRA is the next big cryptocurrency to explode

The project is now in the 8th stage of its presale and it has raised more than $4.9 million in its quest. What Ecoterra is working on is an innovation that will encourage people across the globe to be committed to managing waste properly and recycling especially. Ecoterra has secured partnerships with big corporations that will aid its reward system for users on its platform who scan their used cans and bottles for recycling. One such partner is Coca-Cola.

Ecoterra has stated on its Twitter page that it is inviting people to unlock the potential of the Web3 era with its native token, ECOTERRA. It says its project is leading the innovation that champions innovation and offers a lot of actual utilities for its token. The use of the ECOTERRA token includes access to education programs, events, and a lot of other opportunities.

Like other tokens on presale, ECOTERRA is not affected by the crypto market’s downtime because it is not listed on exchanges yet. Currently selling at $0.00925, investors are encouraged to take advantage of the presale opportunity before the next price. According to the platform’s website, the listing price will be $0.01. 

It is expected that Ecoterra will get more support from environmentalists when it finally launches. This will make its token’s price shoot high in no time. The utility of the token will also expand beyond what it currently covers into other aspects of eco-management.

The best time to invest in the Ecoterra platform before the price gets high is now.

Visit Ecoterra to buy the next cryptocurrency to explode.

3. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The Wall Street Memes token presale is running ahead in the crypto market and really proving it is the next cryptocurrency to explode. The presale has hit new levels with investors and lovers of the memecoin. One of the factors that catalyzed WSM’s rapid movement is the prediction that it might overthrow PEPE. 

WSM has now raised more than $5.4 million so far and it is showing no sign of fatigue. The juice of the matter is that the token is selling at a discounted price. This is getting investors ready to receive returns as high as 30 times their investment by Q4 of this year.

Wall Street Memes became a huge sensation within the crypto market not more than two weeks after its presale launch. Investors who hold other tokens like SHIB, PEPE, and DOGE are diversifying into WSM so they can benefit from its potential. Some other memecoins are currently undergoing saturation and are not replicating the strength they displayed at their beginning.

Other tokens will rally as the market picks up but their rallies will be distributed throughout the year. As for WSM, it is possible that it gets more influencers such as Elon Musk on its side in the coming days. The billion has been responding positively to tweets involving the token in recent times. This will go a long way in shooting WSM’s value way higher than it has gone now.

Investors have an ongoing chance to throw their hat in while the presale is on. The WSM token will sell at $0.0283 in its next stage but you should not wait till then.

Visit Wall Street Memes.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the top gainers in the crypto market today as it has risen by more than 3% and currently selling at $19.11. It is showing very positive signs of the next cryptocurrency to explode as a result of its potential to grow this year and beyond.

Further predictions around Solana look good with its price predicted to rise by more than 100% before the end of the year. Solana is one of the few crypto assets that enjoyed notable growth this year and its price has doubled this year too. It is one of the main competitors of the Ethereum blockchain and token. It provides an open-sourced platform and it is faster than Ethereum. Importantly, its platform provides way cheaper transfer charges than Ethereum does. This has been a delight to investors and users of the platform.

SOL_1D_graph_coinmarketcap (1)

Because it is open-sourced, Solana provides a platform for developers to build their decentralized apps, as well as smart contracts. This places it right where it can easily surpass Ethereum in the near future if the latter slows down.

Solana was part of the assets that the US Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned in its recent lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase. The SEC listed some assets including Solana and tagged them as unregistered securities. The move sent a shock wave through the market since Monday and Solana, as well as other cryptocurrencies, shed their values.

But they are all picking back up as there has risen a plethora of responses to the SEC. Solana is recovering more than most assets in the crypto market because of investor confidence in it.

Investors who want to increase their holding or invest in Solana for the first time have an opportunity to do so now before the rebound is in full swing. The next big cryptocurrency to explode can be bought on eToro.

5. Neo (NEO)

The NEO cryptocurrency is currently up by 1.76% and selling at $9.16 today with its market capitalization up by 1.81% and sitting at $646 million. Having gone through the market trial in recent days and is now one of the top gainers, NEO is definitely the next cryptocurrency to explode.

The Neo network was formerly called Antshares and it is an open-sourced decentralized platform. Since the project was rebranded to Neo in 2017, it got a new vision to create a smart economy by using blockchain technology to realize it. It will also deploy smart contracts. These will be used to issue, as well as manage digital assets.

The network runs on a proof-of-stake mechanism with some centrally approved nodes, and it can support as many as 10,000 transactions every second. The NEO token can be used to generate GAS tokens which are another asset class on the network. They can be utilized in the payment of transaction charges and they are divisible to the smallest unit of 0.00000001.

NEO_1D_graph_coinmarketcap (1)

100 million NEO tokens were created in the first block. Half of it was sold at the ICO where the platform raised $4.65 million. Whereas, the other half was locked in a smart contract. 15 million NEO get unlocked annually by the development team to finance any long-term project they have.

Neo’s core features are around developer tools that let developers deploy smart contract apps and scale them on the blockchain.

This platform provides a unique opportunity for investors to have a piece of a fast-growing scaling platform. Decentralized apps built on have the potential to scale higher and generate multiple times the cost of the investment on them because they would continue to improve by being open-sourced. NEO is the next big cryptocurrency to explode and it should be bought now on eToro

6. XRP (XRP)

The XRP token is doing exceptionally well today and is racing in the market. It is currently up by 3.33% and selling at $0.5379 on the day. This makes it the next cryptocurrency to explode as it is doing well than some other crypto assets equally affected by the SEC’s recent interference.

Analysts are having the opinion that the SEC might be in a more difficult position with the new battle it picked with Binance and Coinbase if it loses the case against Ripple Labs. the general opinion is that the stakes in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit have gotten higher.

One of the major reasons is the expected judgment on XRP’s secondary market matter. If the judge, Analisa Torres, says XRP on secondary markets is not securities, then it will negatively affect the case build-up of the SEC against Binance and Coinbase.

In the SEC’s case against Coinbase, the Commission says the exchange trades 13 crypto assets that count as securities. According to that allegation, Coinbase runs an unregisters security exchange firm.  

XRP_1D_graph_coinmarketcap (2)

But if those 13 crypto assets are not securities, then the SEC has no case against Ripple. The judge’s ruling will not be a binding precedence in any other case but it will still be a significant one for the entire crypto market.

Even though it will not become precedence, defeating the SEC on this ground will be significant. While the decision will not be binding, the judge assigned to the Coinbase case will pay attention to the outcome.

While at that, XRP managed to perform better than Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last 30 days. It rose by almost 25% in one month while Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped by 4% and 1% respectively. The asset has been on the uptrend while it posted huge gains since the beginning of this year. 

XRP is definitely a good buy now as always. Investors should put in their funds with all the confidence that the bad days are over and their returns are about to multiply. All categories of investors should visit eToro for how to buy the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

7. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is the next big cryptocurrency to explode as it is up by 1.11% and currently selling at $0.1251. The darling of investors and the guarantee of remarkable returns.

Investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency have Algorand as their best option. The native token, ALGO, is not just held in high esteem but it actually performs up to the expectations built around it. Analysts have come up with a price prediction for it from this year to as far as 2032. They looked at its possible minimum price and what the token brings to the table for investors.

The development team has done an amazing job with the platform. It works perfectly and funds transfer time is good too. If nothing at all, the Algorand blockchain has been a consistent one. That puts it in a position to grow well this year and become the next cryptocurrency to explode.


The asset’s price has been observed and projected to be heading for a bull run as its chart shows. So analysts have fantasized about the idea of it reaching $10.

Algorand sells at $0.1255 today with a trading volume of $38 million in the last 24 hours. Its position on the globally recognized market watch, CoinMarketCap is 45. The token has offered investors a lot of relief following its drop due to the SEC-instigated market downtime. The slide this week was the deepest it had gone since January.

The ALGO token has sufficient prospects and it will build on its gains in recent times. Investors are set to receive multiple times their investment with the next big cryptocurrency to explode. eToro is where everyone who wishes to partake should head to.

8. Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is another promising token that qualifies to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. It is currently trading up by 0.11% and selling at $0.04868 but it has sufficient prospects. Its current market capitalization is over $2 billion and it has had a trading volume worth $15 billion today.

Hedera is a decentralized network that has a structural difference from what we find on Bitcoin and Ethereum. But it performs almost the same functions as both of them. The network is also based on validation and security algorithms but they are more effective than those on regular blockchain networks.

Hedera operates a distributed open ledger and it builds it on Hashgraph technology rather than blockchain. There are advanced algorithm structures working under it. The major point of Hedera is that it shows that there is an alternative to blockchain technology in Hashgraph. It can also be used to support cryptocurrencies and open ledger structures.


There are a lot of benefits with Hashgraph technology in comparison with blockchain. The first is that it does not require mining of any sort. This means that there are no negative environmental impacts of running the technology. Again, there is a very low transaction fee involved.

Hashgraphs can operate open ledger systems with the same anonymity and security advantages available on blockchains with more benefits such as more efficiency and larger capacity.

Hedera is still the only open ledge system built on Hashgraph and HBAR is the only cryptocurrency based on the system. But Hedera gives instructions that let developers create their tokens and make them run on Hedera’s hashgraph.

HBAR is multi-purpose. It is used on Hedera to pay for transactions and other engagements. It can also be staked on the network so it let holders participate in governance. 

Hedera has pioneered a new system with the Hashgraph implementation and it is simply waiting to be explored further. Investors have a rare opportunity to be part of a new innovation that will run side-by-side with blockchain and probably surpass it in the coming years. Now is the time to visit eToro and take advantage of the HBAR token. 

9. Aave (AAVE)

Aave is the next cryptocurrency to explode. Currently up by $0.39 and selling at $60.34, it has rapidly recovered from the red zone and it became one of the gainers today. Top cryptocurrencies like AAVE do not need so much introduction to crypto investors as they have been in the play for a long time.

The platform’s Len Protocol which is working to decentralize the social media space has recently raised $15 million to fund its project. The social media tool wants to give users more autonomy over the use of their information.



Once the Len Protocol project picks up, it will give Aave a wider reach than it has had before. Its native token, AAVE, will also have far greater utility than it has now.

Investors who invest in this project are in line for huge returns and better exposure beyond cryptocurrencies. Visit eToro to know to buy one of the most popular tokens in the market.

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