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I can't believe it needs to be said, but no, you shouldn't click that link to 'download GTA 6 now (completely safe)', unless you want to infect your device with all sorts of malicious viruses and infection attacks. malware.

Recently, users have taken to social media circles to reveal that hackers and nefarious operators are already out in the open, offering promises of giving unsuspecting users access to early versions of Grand Theft Auto 6. For some , it's an instant click powered by the I hope maybe, Just maybeIt's legit.

Guess what? It never is.

It's almost 2024, stop falling into the trap

As recently featured on reddit, hackers are creating fake download packages pretending to be Grand Theft Auto 6, just days after Rockstar Games officially revealed the game. According to the comments on these posts, "Anyone who installs this deserves whatever computer herpes they get."

That's a fair statement.

This kind of thing is common in the gaming industry (and the... hacking industry?) and will only get worse over time. As the 2025 release window for GTA 6 approaches, more malicious operators will turn to social media platforms, torrent sites and file-sharing platforms around the world, emphasizing that everyone has the latest version of GTA 6 to that you can download RIGHT NOW.

We'll see an increase in the number of fake gameplay videos, edited leaks, and fan-made trailers paraded around as "the next GTA 6 trailer." Don't fall for any of this, I beg you. It's almost 2024 and we are a smarter community than that.


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