Public Emergency Call Service disruption, Sunday 25 June 2023: post-incident review

On Sunday 25 June 2023, BT experienced a technical fault that lasted over 10 hours, affecting its ability to transfer 999 calls to emergency authorities. This caused significant disruption to 9,641 callers who were unable to access emergency services via 999/112, with many more being delayed or interrupted.

DSIT has worked with all relevant parties involved in the delivery of the 999 system, including:

  • B.T.
  • government departments
  • all emergency services

identify lessons learned and implement immediate measures to prevent a recurrence and ensure adequate resilience is in place so the public can continue to access emergency services via 999.

The review's recommendations focus on continuing good risk management practice across the system, improving Her Majesty's Government (H.M.G.'s) monitoring, improving public communications to obtain advice on what to do in the event of any such incident, and exercise to test the resilience of the system to a variety of different scenarios.

Once the most important recommendations have been delivered, H.M.G. It will continue to monitor the implementation of all remaining recommendations in recognition of the vital role 999 plays in the safety, health and security of the country.

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