Shark Anupam Mittal’s Cheeky Take Over Oppenheimer’s Rent On Amazon Prime Has Netizens In Split

Hollywood's biggest hit movie of 2023, Oppenheimer, was in theaters for a while, but Shark Anupam Mittal apparently missed Nolan's film. Amazon Prime in India has the film on rental for Rs. 119. The problem, however, is that Prime rental is only available for 48 hours for each purchase. You will have to buy the title again on OTT if you cannot savor the movie in one go. The founder of Shaadi Dot Com tried five times, paid Rs 750 in total and still couldn't watch even half of the film. Criticizing Prime's 48-hour rental model, Mittal scoffs that it reminded him of his mother's reprimands from his childhood.

"I remembered Mom's childhood tooth."

When a user asked: 'How much is 750 for you?' the Shark replied, 'Same as for you, 75*10!'

Amidst all the suggestions, some users asked Mittal to use torrents to enjoy their favorite movies. The businessman wrote: 'Yes, this is what remains now.'. (Oh yes! This was the missing suggestion.) Another user joked: 'Jeff bhai earns income while he is inactive.'. (Why are you adding income for Jeff, bro?)

'I had to wait a few days.' comments another user, 'will come free.' (I should have waited a few days; the movie will be free on the platform).

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