Tempus Torrent Warzone 2 Loadout : Try out the Newest Weapon in BR – The SportsRush

Tempus Torrent Warzone 2 Loadout : Try out the Newest Weapon in BR – The SportsRush


The Tempus Torrent is the newest DMR to become available in the Warzone 2 update. There are a host of other weapons to use, so why should this rifle be on your list? Let’s test it out first and make sure it’s the most damaging DMR to use. There is a lot of competition for the best weapon in the game; however, DMRs offer the best accuracy at long ranges. That’s why we’re going to take a look at each attachment and discuss why we’re going to use each one.

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Ashika Island is the new playground for this Tempus Torrent Loadout in Warzone 2

Tempus Torrent DMR

  • Optical: Objective OP V-4
  • Magazine: 30 round cartridges
  • Stock: P50 heavy
  • Barrel: 24” reach
  • Muzzle: ZLR Claw 5

The purpose of this equipment is to ensure that the weapon maintains its accuracy at long distances without falling off. For that, let’s equip the OP objective V-4. This attachment gives us a clear line of sight to our enemies without cluttering up our LoS. That’s why it’s one of the best attachments to start this classload with.

For the second attachment, we will use the 30 round cartridges which will guarantee that we continue shooting at enemies without constantly reloading. It’s important to be accurate and also have enough ammo over long ranges to ensure you can complete kills. He P50 heavy It will give aiming stability and recoil control. Increasing our recoil control will ensure that we don’t miss our shots even once.

The penultimate attachment will be the 24” Reach 4 Barrels it will give us hipshot accuracy, damage range and bullet speed. The bread and butter setup would be the ZLR Claw 5 which will provide us with sound suppression, bullet speed, damage range and recoil softness. The DMR will be best suited for players who prefer sniping.

However, using Overkill and equipping an SMG will be an ideal option for you with this build. Also, you can use the throwing knife or piercing charge as lethal. For tactics, you can use smoke grenades or flashlights. Check out tcTekk’s gameplay to see how to properly use the rifle. You can follow his Youtube channel through this link.

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