The Crypto Code Reviews 2024 – Legit Ways to Profit from Crypto Trading? (Adam Short, Joel Peterson) | Covington-Maple Valley Reporter

The Crypto Code Reviews 2024 – Legit Ways to Profit from Crypto Trading? (Adam Short, Joel Peterson) | Covington-Maple Valley Reporter


Almost every industry took a financial hit last year, including traditional and crypto money markets. In addition to the inflation seen in 2024, the lasting effects of the COVID pandemic, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, investor confidence in cryptocurrencies also affected their performance.

And this is not forgetting the news about unethical business practices linked to former billionaire and crypto director Sam Bankman-Fried and his colleagues. Given these negative transactions in the cryptocurrency world, it is understandable why investors may be cautious about the cryptocurrency markets.

However, all is not lost, as Adam Short and Joel Peterson explain in The cryptographic code. Below is our detailed review of this webinar, including what it offers, what to expect, and whether or not it’s reliable.

What is Joel Peterson and Adam Short’s crypto code?

Adam Short and Joel Peterson are the creators of the new crypto webinar, The Crypto Code. The two are self-proclaimed crypto experts and want to show you how to use “secret software” to earn up to $800 a day.

Their website claims that this code uses an automated system to generate consistent income, no matter what happens in the cryptoverse. Considering the uncertainty of the current markets, this can be a game-changer, especially for novice cryptocurrency traders.

Understand how cryptographic code works

Joel and Adam are two crypto experts who have created a webinar explaining how they can earn thousands each month, despite the volatility of the crypto industry.

These two claim to have developed an automated crypto trading system that can guarantee consistent profits from buying and selling digital assets. It is said that their system will buy the assets when rates are favorable and sell them when their value increases.

The information provided on the webinar website indicates that this system is easy to use and you can easily make profits even on the first day of trading. You will only need to configure the software to get started.

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About Webinar Creators

short adam

Adam began his professional career more than two decades ago as an employee of Overture, one of the few search engine companies in existence. He, however, did not work there for long, as he left shortly after realizing the helpful potential of the Internet.

Shortly after leaving, Adam embarked on a journey to start his first online education company, which focused on training people on ways they could use to make money online. His journey into cryptocurrency investments began in 2017.

In his own words, Adam states that he has been very successful in the world of cryptocurrencies thanks to his ability to master its different trends. Over time, he has used his experience to identify trends and invest in emerging crypto projects, many of which have proven to be instant successes.

joel peterson

Joel was introduced to the Internet and its enormous potential in 2002. A few months later, he founded a company that has helped train thousands of Internet users interested in making money online.

Unlike Adam, Joel learned about the cryptoverse a little earlier, when he discovered the potential of Bitcoin mining farms. During this period, he became interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and founded a company focused on cryptocurrency research and education.

While he has been successful in everything he has committed to, Joel does not see himself as a cryptocurrency guru, but rather as an everyday person. The two things he appreciates most in his life are his wife and his six-year-old son and the time he spends with them.

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What do Adam and Joel teach in cryptographic code?

According to the duo, everyone who subscribes to their Crypto Code webinar will learn about the many opportunities in the cryptoverse, including how to trade cryptocurrencies. They will also explain in detail the inner workings of the automobile trade.

Some of the topics the pair will cover include:

  • How you can earn more than $4000 per week investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Tips for setting up automated crypto trading
  • Examples Showing How You Can Profit From Crypto Markets
  • Why Cryptocurrency Software Outperforms Manual Trading
  • What separates Crypto Code from other related software applications?
  • How Crypto Code works even in a bear market

In addition to the above topics, the duo will also explain in detail how they managed to make over $8,000 in the first two weeks of trading. The beneficiaries of this system will also offer their testimonies.

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What can you expect from cryptographic code?

Adam and Joel insist that their crypto system works and that you can use it to earn up to $800 a day risk-free. And the best part of automated cryptocurrency trading is that you are guaranteed consistent profits even during a downtrend.

At the beginning of each webinar, Adam and Joel are quick to note that while this system will work well for amateur and professional cryptocurrency traders, the system is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Therefore, it may take some time to notice a change in your luck.

Another critical factor to take into account is that Cryptocurrency trading carries certain risks. You may lose money during the first few days; there is no guarantee that you will earn the same amount as the webinar creators.

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Pros and cons of cryptographic code


  • Get access to never-revealed secrets of cryptocurrency trading
  • Learn ways to profit from trading different cryptocurrencies
  • You can attend the webinars at different times during the week.
  • This may be your only chance to improve your financial situation.

Possible disadvantages

  • The cryptocurrency market is volatile and there are no guarantees of success
  • It may take us a while to notice the effects of this ‘secret system’

Pricing and how to watch the webinar

Crypto Code webinars are free and available immediately as they are digital programs. Please note that the training offered by Adam and Joel is free and you can reserve your spot today by calling visiting the official website to choose the date and time you would like to attend.

All those who remain until the end of the training will be required to take a short questionnaire, after which they will receive $10.00 in Bitcoin. During the free workshop, Adam and Joel will reveal:

  • How you can use their software solution to make money on autopilot
  • The innovative technology that has made this system possible
  • How this system will make you money no matter what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Success stories from previous users
  • A look at some of the duo’s most successful campaigns
  • Why all cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use this system, regardless of their skill level

Consumers can visit the official website to check the dates and time zones of the upcoming webinar..

Participating in the webinar will give you access to what Adam and Joel call the WaveBot Toolkit, plus some additional goodies. These include the following:

Full Crypto Secrets Bootcamp Recordings: Discover the amazing tips you can use to your advantage when engaging in cryptocurrency trading.

Bot Beta Predictions: Get access to new software that will give you a much-needed edge over other cryptocurrency traders.

Profit Signal 2.0: Use these indicators to analyze the cryptocurrency market and understand the best times to buy and sell cryptocurrency holdings.

The VIP Wallet Pass: Get the opportunity to examine the personal portfolio of webinar creators and learn about some of the campaigns they have successfully run in the past.

Remember, access to Adam and Joel’s Crypto Code workshop is free. Consumers can visit the official website to check the dates and time zones of the next free Crypto Code webinar..


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