The Hidden Gems of Crypto: Top Altcoin Projects You Shouldn’t Miss

The cryptocurrency market is absolutely electrifying, surpassing a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion and proving that the bulls are in charge. Ethereum is leading the charge, its price rocketing higher and hinting at an altcoin rally just around the corner. This excitement isn't just about ETH, though: altcoins like VeChain (VET), Stellar (XML), IOTA (IOTA), Sei (SEI), and modern Application step (FITFI) are taking great steps. All of these coins cost less than $1, allowing investors to not only mix things up in their portfolios but also start 2024 off strong. So, are you ready to join this crypto party? It's not just a market: it's the future and it's happening right now.

Step App (FITFI): A pioneering move-to-earn experience awaits you

If you have ever thought about pocket between 5 and 50 dollars For every jog, Step App may be just what you're looking for. Since 2022, the project has financially rewarded its health-focused users, firmly securing its leading position in the move-to-earn market. As the first app where FitFi is combined with smart AI workouts, Step proves to have stable economics and an impressive ROI, as evidenced by its resilience throughout 2023 and a constantly growing user base. Even if you're new to Web3, managing in-app earnings is easy, contributing significantly to the overall adoption of the M2E model. In particular, Step's esteemed reputation in the market is further boosted by rave reviews from sports superstars such as Usain Bolt.

Turn every step into real money – try the Step app today!

As we move into 2024, Step App joyfully celebrates its first anniversary with the vibrant launch of Step 2.0, a major rebrand that injects innovation and simplicity into its expanding ecosystem through a new, more inclusive visual identity. To celebrate this exciting milestone, they're hosting a reunion not to be missed $10,000 raffle at FITFI! Together with KCAL, which is earned by jogging to improve your training equipment, FITFI forms the backbone of the Step experience and unlocks exclusive features of the app. Both assets show promise for future growth, and with FITFI's public allotment ending on January 26, now is an ideal time to acquire some tokens before their value takes off. To dive into the giveaway fun, follow Step's social media, download the app, start the trial, and leave a review on your preferred app store. Inviting at least three friends to join Step App is another key term, allowing you to enter a special bonus draw for a chance to win one of three annual subscriptions designed to increase rewards and personalize the adventure within the app. application.

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The giveaway is now available: take advantage of the opportunity!

Step App (FITFI) is on a roll, ranging between $0.003907 and $0.012732. The simple moving averages (SMA) are painting a nice picture: the 10-day at $0.0074316 and the 100-day at $0.0048963 are pointing up, indicating that things are improving. The market is really feeling the vibe, with the Fear & Greed Index hitting a lively 73 and green days taking up half of last month. What's more, FITFI's trading volume is exceeding its market capitalization: it is like a magnet that attracts more and more investors' attention. This momentum is setting the stage for a high-flying target for Step App, which is targeting $0.018778. and with him public token acquisition As it ends on January 26, the anticipation is almost tangible. Add in FITFI's strong liquidity and the team's action-packed 2024 roadmap and you'll see an exciting adventure unfold for both the project and its enthusiastic community.

VeChain (VET): Wallet Review and New dApp Horizons

VeChain (VET), a pioneer in blockchain-powered supply chain management since 2015, recently changed course and announced that its VeChainThor mobile wallet will switch to a “storage-only” mode starting December 31. This is a leap to make VeWorld the go-to wallet in the VeChain (VET) ecosystem, proving that they are not just playing the game, they are changing it. And there's more: They will soon be rolling out a native dApp explorer, making December an exciting month for VeChain (VET) enthusiasts.

Now, if we take a look at VeChain (VET) figures, it has been flirting with the key support at $0.018536, while eyeing the resistance at $0.032374. The next lines of defense to watch out for are $0.015573 and $0.009973. The 10-day and 100-day SMAs give us a hint of optimism and caution, standing at $0.023908 and $0.018804, respectively; It is as if the FP found itself at a crossroads, where each piece of news could guide it in a completely new direction.

The future of VeChain is like a canvas of possibilities: the move to a storage-only wallet and the new dApp explorer are bold moves, but they're not without risk. Down 90% from its all-time high and facing high volatility, it is clear that VeChain faces a journey that is not a straight line. But, if it can navigate these twists and turns, taking advantage of its unique position in the blockchain universe, the sky could be the limit.

Stellar (XLM): Protocol 20 ushers in smart contracts and DeFi ambitions

Stellar (XLM) is on the move with its Protocol 20 upgrade, which will roll out between December 11 and 19, ahead of the big public network upgrade on January 20. This update introduces smart contract functionalities, a game-changer that allows Stellar (XLM) to explore new territories in DeFi and NFTs. After successful testing on the testnet since September 20, Stellar (XLM) is preparing for this important evolution, promising a more versatile and competitive platform.

Technically, Stellar (XLM) is trading in a range, located between $0.10832 and $0.147856. Additional support levels lie at $0.09833 and $0.07357, while the next resistance is at $0.172618. The 10-day SMA stands at $0.122907, and the 100-day SMA stands at $0.117246, indicating a stable but cautious market sentiment.

Despite being down 85% from its all-time high, Stellar (XML) is showing promise – the asset's future looks bright as it embraces smart contracts, a move that could propel it higher. However, its 9.55% annual inflation rate presents a hurdle, possibly affecting long-term value. For Stellar (XLM), the biggest challenge involves balancing its innovative advancements with this inflation factor to maintain its attractiveness and value.

IOTA (IOTA): $100 Million Abu Dhabi Foundation and LBANK Leverage Lure

IOTA (IOTA) has launched the DLT Ecosystem Foundation in Abu Dhabi, backed by a sizeable $100 million investment in IOTA tokens. This is a strategic play to up the project's game in the crypto-happy MENA region, aiming to boost the IOTA (IOTA) network and sync with the local regulatory scene. Furthermore, the token is now on LBANK and offers juicy perpetual contracts with 20x leverage. And with IOTA Identity 1.0 coming to both IOTA (IOTA) and Shimmer, it's no longer just about transactions, but about building trust and identity in the digital world.

On the technology front, IOTA (IOTA) is like a tightrope walker, balancing between $0.16217 and $0.36326. The market vibe is captured in the SMA readings: the 10-day SMA at $0.289651 is seeing a recent rally, while the 100-day SMA at $0.175367 is showing a long-term rise from the most deep. IOTA (IOTA) should also keep an eye on the lower support level at $0.08895 and above, while eyeing that dream spike at $0.50041.

So what's the problem with the future of IOTA (IOTA)? It's looking pretty bright as this whole Abu Dhabi project is a big move for global exposure, especially in a region that's all about cryptocurrencies. The debut of IOTA Identity 1.0 and the Stardust protocol are positioning the asset as a leader in the digital identity space and that listing on LBANK is a big win for market presence. But let's not sugarcoat it: IOTA (IOTA) has its work cut out for it, battling extremely high volatility of 24% as it attempts to retest its ATH of $5.25, last seen almost 6 years ago.

Sei (SEI): from newcomer to trendsetter

Sei (SEI), a newcomer to the cryptosphere, has been making waves since its token debut on major exchanges in August. Although it has fallen slightly from its recent high at $0.31, this pullback has not dampened the enthusiasm around Sei (SEI), which remains in an uptrend, up an impressive 188% from its all-time low of less than 0.1 dollars in October. Driven by optimism over potential spot Bitcoin ETF approvals in the US and expectations of a dovish shift in monetary policy from the Federal Reserve, Sei's (SEI) upward trajectory reflects the rise in appetite for the risk of the broader crypto market.

From a technical point of view, Sei (SEI) is cruising between $0.1304 and $0.3244. The 10-day SMA at around $0.27 indicates a stable trend and the 100-day SMA at $0.1433 reflects long-term bullish momentum. Looking ahead, investors should keep an eye on fresh resistance levels at $0.4092 and $0.6032, as well as the secondary support threshold at $0.0212.

The future for Sei (SEI) looks bright: its network's strong growth in weekly transactions since May, as indicated by Sei Daily's dashboard on Flipside, is a strong sign of its potential. However, the limited number of unique weekly active users suggests an obstacle to broader adoption since its launch. As Sei (SEI) prepares to balance potential widespread adoption with the challenges of a concentrated user base, its journey across the crypto landscape remains one to watch closely.

Final thoughts

In the bustling world of cryptocurrencies, VeChain (VET), Stellar (XLM), IOTA (IOTA), Sei (SEI) and the cool app Step (FITFI) are making waves – VET is spicing things up with a new wallet move and a new dApp explorer; XLM enters the DeFi game with a smart contract upgrade; IOTA is going big with a new project in Abu Dhabi and a listing on LBANK; Then there's Sei, the new kid on the block, growing rapidly but still trying to expand its circle of users. And let's not forget Step App (FITFI) - it's all about earning cryptocurrency while staying fit. As it celebrates its first birthday with Step 2.0, it's not just another app; is turning fitness into fun and profit. Each of these cryptocurrencies, including the fitness-powered FITFI, shows how exciting and diverse the crypto scene can be.

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