The Netherlands and Seychelles to work closely on fighting cryptocurrency crimes 

The outgoing ambassador of the Netherlands to Seychelles, Maarten Brouwer, with President Ramkalawan. (Seychelles Nation)

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The Netherlands and Seychelles will work closely to combat cryptocurrency-related crimes and a mission from the northwestern European country to the island nation is expected this year, the outgoing Dutch ambassador said on Tuesday.

The outgoing ambassador of the Netherlands to Seychelles, Maarten Brouwer, made the announcement to journalists following his farewell visit to President Wavel Ramkalawan at Government House.

Brouwer said that during his tenure, one of the strong points was the cooperation between the prosecutors' offices of both countries working on cryptocurrencies.

The expected mission from the Netherlands aims to "start talking about what is happening here in Seychelles and what we notice about it," he said.

He added that cryptocurrencies are one of the markets that criminals use to finance their needs.

"We have a clear interest in trying to fight what are global organizations to attack them not only by confiscating the drugs that arrive at the ports but also by undermining their financial structure," said the outgoing ambassador.

Brouwer explained that his country needs to consult different countries and regions to understand how they manage their operations.

Maritime security and the passage of container ships in the Red Sea were also discussed during the meeting.

"It is important for Seychelles because if ships cannot sail through the Red Sea and goods have to be delivered to Europe or through Europe, costs will increase substantially," he said.

He added that the Netherlands is the sixth largest shipping country in the world and "a large part of the cargo we export passes through the Red Sea."

Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, recently joined a US-led initiative. Operation Prosperity Guardian to ensure the safety of such vessels crossing the Red Sea. The Netherlands is also part of the operation.

Seychelles and the Netherlands established diplomatic relations in April 1977.

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