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Torrent on the track says it has taken delivery of the world's first battery-powered integrated rail cutter. Developed over several years by Swedish tool manufacturer Husqvarna, the K1 PACE is a development of the popular K1270 rail disc cutter, an industry standard for many years.

The K1 PACE has won the Red Dot award for its outstanding industrial design. It is powered by a slot in the B750X 94V lithium-ion battery that is located near the center of the tool to maximize cooling, weight distribution, and prevent contamination. The brushless electric motor has been developed in-house by Husqvarna and is 25 percent more efficient than a standard brushed motor.

Combined with a Husqvarna Gold Elite cutting wheel, the new K1 PACE can effortlessly cut rails in less than three minutes, without the need for coolant. The battery will power the tool for about five cuts and comes with a quick charger that can recharge it in an hour. Each disc serves about seven cuts and can be changed in seconds. The battery-powered motor also makes the tool quieter than its gas-powered predecessor and vibration levels are considerably lower.

Battery power means the K1 PACE is completely emissions-free and still delivers the torque needed to cut rail. The tool is quick and easy to assemble and comes with a fixing arm that fits onto the rail ensuring a perfect right angle cut. For safety, the tool will not operate unless this arm is connected. There are also many other safety features including a blade guard, double trigger (to prevent accidental starting) and a unique X-Halt braking system that stops the tool from operating if significant kickback is detected.

The tool is easy to start with a simple button. Annoying pull cables and troublesome cold starts are no longer necessary. The control panel also displays battery status and confirmation that the accessory arm is properly attached.

Torrent Trackside COO Carl Abraitis commented: “This new tool has been widely anticipated by the rail industry and Torrent Trackside is the first rental company to bring it to market. “The product’s green credentials are second to none and the immense power, long battery life and ease of use make the K1 PACE a game-changer in the industry.”

Torrent on the track
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