Transmission 4.0.2 Limits In-Kernel File Copying to 2GB Blocks at a Time, Fixes Bugs – 9to5Linux

Transmission 4.0.2 Limits In-Kernel File Copying to 2GB Blocks at a Time, Fixes Bugs – 9to5Linux


Transmission 4.0.2, the free and open source BitTorrent client, was released today as the second maintenance update of the latest transmission 4.0 release released in early February 2023 to address more issues.

Transmission 4.0.2 is here to limit in-kernel file copying to 2 GB blocks at a time to prevent potential issues with CIFS mounts, fixes display of IPv6 trace URLs, improves sanity checking magnet links added via RPC and improves the handling of the leechers parameter in the tracker announces the responses.

Various bugs have been fixed in this version for all supported platforms. These include a misleading error message when Transmission cannot write to an incomplete directory, a regression that prevented download priority from being increased for the first and last part of files, which in turn prevented preview/playback during download, as well as a small error calculating the protocol overhead when receiving peer messages.

Fixed various crashes in Transmission 4.0.2 as well, such as a possible crash when downloading from webseeds and a crash that occurred when receiving malformed part data from companions.

The Qt client was updated to ensure that the File Open dialog opens the torrent folder when handling multi-file torrents, fixed a problem with the per-torrent ratio display in the main window, and also fixed a bug that prevented adding batch trackers to multiple torrents at the same time.

The GTK client received a fix for an issue where the -m/--minimized Ignored the command line option and fixed an assertion failure on the progress screen when creating a new torrent.

The web client also received minor UI bug fixes, especially for control layout and alignment, and improved colors for light and dark modes. Also, fixed a bug that prevented alternate speed start/end configuration changes from being saved.

Last but not least, Transmission 4.0.2 fixes a false error message when adding magnet links via remote transmission, fixes a bug where download speed limits for uTP peers were being ignored, fixes a problem using announce-list to create private torrents from a single tracker and simplifies filename information in log messages.

review the release notes for more details and download the Transmission 4.0.2 source code from the project’s GitHub page. You can also install Transmission as a Flatpak app from flat center.

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