UK-Canada cooperation in AI compute: memorandum of understanding

UK-Canada cooperation in AI compute: memorandum of understanding


1. The Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (“DSIT”) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), and Innovation, Science and Economic Development (“ised“) Canada,

2. Recognize that AI represents a generationally important advance in technology,

3. Understand that computing (referring to processing power, memory, data storage, and networks that are assembled at scale to address computational tasks beyond the capabilities of everyday computers) is an increasingly critical component in the development of cutting-edge technology. AI,

4. Recognize what to allow AI researchers, scientists and the private sector to access the computing they need will be crucial to ensure AI has a positive and transformative impact on our economies and societies,

5. Recognizing that the UK and Canada have leadership AI ecosystems, strong and diversified relationships in science, technology and innovation, and extensive collaborations between academia, industry and government,

6. Recognizing that international cooperation with like-minded countries in areas of strategic importance in AI is essential to guarantee the development of AI in a responsible and safe way that drives inclusive and sustainable economic growth;

We commit to continue collaborating together in key areas of common interest:

  • Access to the AI Computing capacity: Explore opportunities to support researchers and industry with secure and affordable access to the computing capacity needed to use and train. AI systems. This could involve working together, and with like-minded countries, on collaboration models in the computing space and how collaborations could maximize industry-academia partnerships, as well as expand research networks.

  • Sustainability in IT Infrastructure: Exploring joint opportunities and meaningful ways to reduce the environmental impacts of IT infrastructure. In recognition of the importance of computing in the development of AIbut also the significant associated resource requirements, promote greater energy efficiency within IT infrastructure and explore measures to reduce carbon emissions and associated environmental impacts.

  • Collaborative AI Research projects: Examine opportunities for collaboration in areas of shared strategic importance, such as climate research and biomedicine.

  • Development of AI talent: Share information about initiatives related to the development of skills and AI training that can accelerate workforce development.

7. Both Canada and the United Kingdom are committed to collaborating by exploring these areas of common interest. The details of this collaboration, including resource commitments and timelines, will be finalized through ongoing co-development work.

8. We agree that this memorandum of understanding outlining our joint intention to collaborate carries no financial obligations and is not legally binding in nature.


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