Unable to access 1fichier to download PS3 backups

Look like your ISP block website means your modem / DSL / Cable / router is already automatically update to latest firmware (to block illegal websites).

If you have account or already have password (find somewhere on modem/DSL/Cable/router next to serial number and model number) then log in your modem / DSL / Cable / router. Look for Security then search for Cyber Security in list and disable it to remove block. You have to find Security or Cyber Security to disable to fix problems. Know as false alarm inside Security setting. Like give us error like SSL or something wrong not working to visit websites like that.

I already experience my ISP for first time this year 2023 to block illegal websites and surprised me. I guess all of ISP companies are did order to block illegal websites wide all over country like crazy. Maybe Nintendo company or other companies (Sony, Microsoft, etc) did report to all ISP companies to force silent automatically update firmware inside modem / DSL / Cable / router to changed made to security inside setting to block all illegal websites. I don't know why ISP companies refuse to tell people about it. Very silent and quiet changed inside setting without people know. That's very nasty way what ISP companies did to them.

I heard VPN is help to bypass block problems if something ISP can't do that to fix problems affect everyone. I will ready for VPN if ISP is get much worse in near future due to automatically update to latest firmware that cause many problems.

I went to check 1fichier website and working fine for me. I have to watch out if something wrong happen then blame on ISP for that.

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