Watch: Torrent of tumbleweeds sweeps through Utah

Towns in Utah have been hit by a torrent of tumbleweeds that surrounded homes and buried cars after a severe storm.

Video footage shows strong winds blowing thousands of plants across southern Jordan, which is south of the state capital, Salt Lake City, and nearby Eagle Mountain.

Weeds formed a three-meter barrier in some places, blocking the doors and windows of houses.

Residents used garden tools, such as shovels and hoes, to remove the plants before waste disposal vehicles arrived to clear away the debris.

'This is not our first fall mageddon'

"Fortunately, it's something we can manage," said Rachel Van Cleave, a local government official in southern Jordan. "This isn't our first magical fall."

Strong winds of over 65 mph downed trees and damaged roads across the country. Utah weekend.

"We've had some tumbleweeds, but nothing like this," resident John Young told KSL TV. "It's absolutely crazy."

Southern Jordan was hit by snow just hours after tumbleweeds swept through the city as the arrival of a cold front continued the severe weather.

But the snow felt much worse in Northern California, where blizzard conditions forced road closures and residents to experience power outages.

Ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada even closed due to high winds.

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