What is happening with piracy? A famous TV show ripping group disappears – Gearrice

What is happening with piracy? A famous TV show ripping group disappears – Gearrice


The world of the scene and the piracy of original streaming content is reeling. After one of the most popular torrent download sites declared its closure, now comes another announcement of abandonment of one of the most important television program ripping groups in recent years.


When a torrent file is shared over the network, its name includes, in addition to information about the download, the quality of the video file, and the source of the stream, the name of the ripping team behind the ripping job. extraction. In the world there are a large number of groups, but in recent years everything related to television programs and series revolved around a team: CAKES.

Everything that CAKES shared on the networks accumulated many downloads, and the fact is that the quality of their content and the speed with which they worked was the key to their success. But now, after almost 3 years of sharing content on a daily basis, the group has announced that it is leaving its activity forever.

Is piracy skyrocketing?

This dismissal letter clashes directly with the announcement of RARBG Shutdown. What in its day was one of the reference websites for downloading torrents announced that it was canceling the project due to its financial infeasibility and the inability of the staff to manage a site of such magnitude.

The networks were filled with questions, since the web supplied millions of users from all over the world, who came daily to download high-quality series files. films and all kinds of content, where obviously, CAKES files were also found. .

Legal actions and popular prices

Piracy continues and will continue to exist, but it is true that things have changed a lot compared to how they worked a few years ago. Users have easier access to streaming services that are usually quite affordable, and paying for content is now a completely normal part of many families’ monthly expenses.

On the other hand, the pressure from the authorities against this type of organization is getting stronger and more constant, so hacker groups are increasingly afraid of receiving fines and the possibility of ending up being arrested.

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