Why is Bitcoin rising amid collapsing banks? Watch The Market Report

this week in market reportour beloved host, Joe Hall, and insightful expert, Sam Bourgi, were sadly unable to attend, but don't worry, Marcel Pechman is here to discuss why he thinks Bitcoin (BTC) the price is rising amid the collapse of the banks.

We start with the first article of this week:

UBS Group agrees to $3.25bn "emergency bailout" of Credit Suisse

UBS Group agreed to buy ailing competitor Credit Suisse for $3.25 billion on March 19 as part of an "emergency ordinance" to prevent financial market instability. To close the deal, Swiss authorities agreed to change the country's regulations to circumvent shareholder voting and announce the deal over the weekend before the market opened. Was this move really legal? After this move, will Switzerland continue to have the reputation of being the safest financial market? Pechman has a lot to say on this issue and addresses the issue with Credit Suisse debt holders, so watch the full video because he won't want to miss his insights.

Investors take refuge in short-term Treasuries, reducing the possibility of Bitcoin rising to $30,000

Bitcoin price topped $28,000 on March 21, but according to two derivatives metrics, traders aren't too excited after a 36% eight-day gain. Looking beyond Bitcoin's stellar performance, there are Reasons Investors Do Not Have Full Confidence in higher prices. The recent bailout of Credit Suisse, a major 167-year-old Swiss financial institution, shows that the current global banking crisis may not be over. Pechman explains why the price of Bitcoin might not touch $30,000 yet.

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